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The next Richard Pryor?



8 p.m., Robinson Center Music Hall. $37.50-$50.


Katt Williams often gets billed as the “king of underground comedy.” That's probably about to change. You sell out enough arenas and auditoriums (at press time only the balcony at Robinson remained open), do enough music video cameos, HBO specials and movies, and pretty soon, “underground” ain't going to fit. Those who've seen his HBO special, “The Pimp Chronicles, Vol. 1,” or seen him almost single-handedly make terrible movies worth watching (“Norbit,” “Friday After Next”) know what I'm talkin' about. The man is stupid funny. So funny that those comparisons to Richard Pryor don't seem ridiculous (though, like MJ, there will never be another Richard Pryor, though we'll be heralding the next Richard Pryor forever). A gifted physical comedian, Williams is ribald, controversial and tireless. Sadly, his best jokes are pretty much unprintable herein. But it's not hard to find clips. See YouTube, see the trailer for the forthcoming “American Hustle,” see even the new “Grand Theft Auto” game, which features exclusive material from the comedian.  

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