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The little church that could


Late 1960s

Several students at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville are inspired with a vision for a “new kind of church” based on the influence of University Baptist in Fayetteville, Fellowship Bible Church in Dallas, and Campus Crusade for Christ, an interdenominational Christian organization that focuses college students on discipleship and evangelism.  


Fewer than 30 worshippers begin meeting in a home in Little Rock. On Aug. 21, its first official service draws 58 people to the Anthony School.


Services move to the Pulaski Academy gymnasium.


Services move to Breckenridge Theatre.


Fellowship builds its own “worship center” on Hinson Road immediately east of Pulaski Academy.


The campus, with five unattached buildings, straddles Hinson Road. It meets the needs of explosive growth but makes it difficult to navigate for the elderly and for families with children of varying ages.


Benton campus opens.


Fellowship elders inform the congregation of plans to sell the campus to Pulaski Academy and build on a new location to be determined. Fellowship receives $17.7 million from the sale of the church campus to Pulaski Academy.


Cabot campus opens.


Fellowship opens its new $54 million campus at 1401 Kirk Road. The church has about 100 full-time employees and 25 part-time employees, and more than 500 volunteers serve each Sunday as ushers, greeters and different capacities in the church.


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