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The Griffin gang


Somebody who still has a job, but is in danger of losing it, is U.S. Rep. Tim Griffin of Little Rock. This is why rich right-wingers have been shoveling money into the Second Congressional District. Griffin is the one-percenters' man, and they want to keep him, but they know he'll be in trouble in 2012 if the ninety-nine percenters get organized. A few weeks ago, the American Action Network was mailing brochures to voters in the district, turning truth on its head, claiming that President Obama's health-care plan would harm the elderly and that Griffin was defending them. This week, the National Taxpayers Union is buying ads spreading a variation of the same falsehood. (The foremost advocate for the elderly, the AARP, does not go along.) The NTU is funded by conservative foundations like Scaife and John M. Olin. The AAN has similar backing and spent over $26 million supporting conservative candidates in the 2010 election cycle. Protecting seniors from being taken advantage of is not either organization's primary concern. Protecting the wealthy from taxation is.

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