Special Issues » Heights & Hillcrest 2010

The Full Moon

An oasis for all things bright and beautiful


Whimsical dragonflies, corrugated metal fish, shiny tin peace signs and brightly colored vases are only a few of the things one can see through the front window of Hillcrest's Full Moon.

And from the first peek inside, it's obvious that owners Becky Campbell and Linda Balch work hard to keep their customers happy. From pottery and rugs to aprons and jewelry and everything in between, The Full Moon has become one of the neighborhood's go-to gift stores. The Full Moon's bridal registry has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 27 years. "It's one of our more popular services," Balch says.

Campbell says since buying the store eight years ago, "We've really tried to keep our pieces unique, and recently, we've added several new handmade lines," such as Weathered Wonders' birdhouses, Me2U glass dishes, jewelry by Rebecca McNerney Designs and McCartys Pottery.

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