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The Cos



2 p.m. and 5 p.m., Robinson Center Music Hall. $40-$75.

The Cos. Take a moment to consider his cultural impact: He was the first African-American to star in a dramatic role on network TV on “I Spy”; the patriarch of the defining family sitcom of the '80s; the dedicated wearer of putrid rainbow sweaters; the creator of “Fat Albert”; the spy in “Leonard Part 6”; the piano player on the great, rare jazz-funk album “Badfoot Brown & the Bunions Bradford Funeral Marching Band”; the ghost dad in “Ghost Dad”; the goader in “Kids Say the Darndest Things”; the Jell-O pudding man. Now he's 70. In the last couple years, he's been in the news for criticizing poor blacks' parenting skills (drawing enough of the ire of Michael Eric Dyson to inspire the cultural critic to write a book called “Is Bill Cosby Right?”) and for denouncing the content of rap music. If the Internet rumor mill is to be believed, he's even gearing up to release a clean rap album of his own that'll touch on social issues like teen pregnancy and drug abuse. So keep your fingers crossed that polemicist Cos and crotchety rapping Cos aren't on tour.

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