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The Click Five is clicking

And coming to Juanita’s.


  • GIMME FIVE: Clicks.

One of the most requested acts on national video music channels such as Fuse, MTV and VH1 is the Click Five, a young band out of Boston that seems to be channeling much of what made the Beatles and the rest of the 1960s British invasion groups popular, particularly with young girls.

Three of the five even sport the Prince Valiant-like haircuts that all the Brits seemed to have back in the day. They wear matching tailored suits with identical shirts and ties. One of their videos borrows from the 1960s scene, when TV would show hordes of young women chasing after cars filled with the Fab Four, the Stones, the Dave Clark Five and so on.

Ben Romans, the band’s keyboard player and one of the primary songwriters, says the past year “has been pretty bizarre,” but he also says the guys seem to enjoy it all. “It’s very flattering, very exciting considering it started in our little house in Boston and to see that happening, all that attention, in different areas of the country is awesome. But, on a personal level, after you’re done being chased by girls, we still feel normal and adjust to it and realize it’s part of a job, this whole crazy thing, and if you don’t it could all go to your head. It’s almost like watching a movie and you’re part of it.”

The Click Five will appear at Juanita’s Cantina Ballroom on Thursday, Feb. 23, along with Big City Rock (8:30 p.m. start time, $15 advance tickets, $17 the day of show). The band has been touring for six weeks hitting smaller venues and theaters, but with the way things are going with their record “Greetings From Imrie House,” the singles (“Catch Your Wave,” “Just the Girls”) and the videos, this may be the last time to catch the Click Five in an intimate setting.

“We love playing the smaller venues,” Romans said. “We’ve opened in large arenas for big acts, but when we’re in a club and everybody’s in there tight, in the end it’s still a rock ’n’ roll show. It’s fun.”

Four of the Click Five met at Berklee College of Music in Boston (Imrie House was the dorm they lived in) and the fifth was an old friend of one of the others. The band has been together about two and a half years. “We had all been playing in bands most of our lives before we met each other,” said Romans, who hails from Salina, Kan., and whose grandparents live in Bella Vista.

Lead singer Eric Dill and drummer Joey Zehr are from Indianapolis. Bassist Ethan Mentzer is from Hershey, Pa. “Joey played with Eric in a high school band, and I was in a band at Berklee with Joe and Ethan, the bass player,” Romans said.

He added, “Berklee is a popular place for jazz and prestigious music. Some of us may have dabbled in it, but we found a common love for good melodies and in the end wanted to be in a band.”

After playing clubs around Boston, in particular the Paradise Lounge near the Boston University campus, the buzz picked up around Boston. Romans said the group got a demo to radio stations in the area, the stations played them and “it snowballed from there in the summer of 2004. That’s when people got excited about it and we got a record deal.”

As a composer, Romans says he wants to create in whatever form it comes in, whether it’s catchy pop songs or film scores, which he also enjoys dabbling in.

The Click Five’s name started as simply the Click, a play on “clique,” Romans said. “Because we’re kind of a clique. Then we added ‘five.’ ”

No matter the name, it’s clicking.


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