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The candidates



Because Fred Thompson is most representative of true conservative principles, it is imperative that Republicans and independents rally to his support. His lifetime rating by the American Conservative Union is higher than that of McCain or Paul. The Club for Growth endorses him as one committed to limited government, free enterprise and federalist principles. His strict construction of the Constitution is most important as we can be sure he will appoint the right kind of judges to federal courts. Daily he gathers more significant endorsements. His Reaganesque optimism is what our country sorely needs.

Mildred Homan

Mountain Home

As I watch the news on TV all I see is Old Dimples, AKA The Huckster. I was sick of him as governor. Lord help me if they don't sweep him under the rug with the other dirt soon.

He stands up and talks about Romney being dishonest with a straight face? I just hope people wake up and read the story about glass houses. I read about someone who was going to Iowa to campaign against The Huckster. Bully for him!

Peggy Wolfe

Heber Springs

No new coal

In the United States, more than half of our electricity comes from coal. The producers of the largest share of our nation's energy, coal-fired power plants, are also one of the dirtiest sources of electricity. Releasing toxic substances such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and mercury, they are one of the main causes of global warming and they affect people's health and quality of life.

Today, alternative sources of fuel should be championed over these archaic and harmful coal plants. Privileging renewable energy is not only a responsible solution for the preservation of our environment, but also an effective way to create new jobs and thus save money.

Right now, there are plans to build new coal-fired power plants in Fulton and Osceola. Recently, the Public Service Commission approved the SWEPCO coal plant in Fulton, but it still needs an air permit from the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality. As Arkansans who love our Natural State and understand the urgency of resisting these sources of pollution, we need to pressure ADEQ and Governor Beebe to block these air permits and prevent the construction of these coal plants. Green fuels are the energies of the future. Investing in them will have significant long-term economic, environmental and health benefits for Arkansas.

James Burke

Little Rock

Daily reminders

The daily reminder in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that “Paul Greenberg ... has won the Pulitzer Prize” is the equivalent of trumpeting “the Chicago Cubs have won the World Series.”

Let's have full disclosure: My beloved Cubs won the World Series in 1908 and when was Greenberg's award? Forty years ago? Fifty? 1908?

This is the guy who happily helped drop the Maureen Dowd and Molly Ivins columns, which delivered acid humor and dead-on evaluations of politics and politicians.

Readers are left with the sophomoric screechings of Bradley Gitz and Greenberg's endless efforts to write the ultimate “High School Senior Essay” about “people I knew, or saw, or heard, or read.”

I quote from one of Greenberg's recent dollops of indigestible drivel:

“And then I saw her. ... It was a breathtaking smile. Full, warm, generous, giving, maybe a little mischievous, proper but knowing, and given freely to someone who has to be a stranger forever.”

He could have been describing a cheerleader he saw in the school cafeteria.

Or a Ninth Street hooker.

And maybe he was.

Tom Forgey


Letter was free speech

The sentencing by a federal judge of a Maumelle woman to prison for a letter she sent to a black couple complaining about them moving into her neighborhood is an attack on freedom of speech. The Justice Department claims the letter, which expressed her views about their race, interfered with federal laws against housing discrimination. It is impossible for a third party's speech alone to do that especially since the real estate transaction was already complete and the couple had moved into the house. They used all the power of the U.S. government to instill so much fear in the woman that she didn't dare defend her First Amendment rights.

Free expression can only be restricted when there is imminent danger to life or property or by a constitutional amendment. If flag burning is protected speech so is this letter, regardless of who is insulted.

Even if you don't agree this is protected speech is there any difference in this letter and the public advocacy by the civil rights organizations for legal discrimination in employment and education against white Americans known as affirmative action?

A pattern is emerging in countries with hate crimes. First they criminalize criticizing minority races and religions. Next they target people critical of homosexual behavior. But their ultimate goal is to silence Christians by making it a hate crime to claim your religion is the true faith.

If a minority had written this letter to a person of European descent every excuse would be made to exempt them from being charged with a crime.

We've heard that it's jack boots clicking in the night that accompany tyranny. But in this era it's wing-tips clicking around the courtroom we have to fear.

Thomas Pope

Little Rock

One truth

Are we about to come full circle in the relationship between politics and religion? We see many beliefs but we know there is only one Truth.

The scientific progress of this age leads us to understand the answer (the Truth) is inevitably coming up soon and the beliefs of the ages will dispel themselves.

Katherine Erwin

Little Rock

Reminder needed

Somewhere in my tired and worn-out memory I recall the United States had what was known as the loan shark law. If you know, please tell me how that law compares with today's payday lenders.

Frank Lambright

Little Rock

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