The Bat Cave

Hours: 10 a.m.-7 p.m. Mon.-Sat.

Located mere yards away from the campus of Hendrix College, this crammed nook almost feels more like a pre-teen boys' hangout spot than a store, complete with refrigerator, couch, flatscreen TV and nonstop matches of the granddaddy of trading card games, Magic: The Gathering. By the door, visitors are reminded that they are entering a "PG" environment where coarse language is frowned upon. The Bat Cave's sign declares its offerings as "comics, movies, and sports memorabilia," but inside all three of those appear to take a backseat to toys and games of several varieties. On the store's notice board, a handwritten note lays out "Possible D&D Names" including, but far from limited to, "Wendy McBurgerKing" and "Loof Oregano."

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