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Televisionist, Oct. 25

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Starts 12:15 p.m. Friday, Oct 26

Turner Classic Movies (Comcast Ch. 30)

This six-film rock block of the Grateful Undead is a veritable manual on early methods of zombie fightin,' including “King of the Zombies” (1941), “Zombies of Maru Tau” (1957), Zombies on Broadway” (1945), and the classic “White Zombie” (1932) starring Bela Lugosi. Also, hardcore horror fans should stay tuned after the zombiethon for five films by legendary splatter-flick director Roger Corman (including the rarely seen “The Terror,” starring a very young Jack Nicholson and a very old Boris Karloff).


5 a.m. Monday, Oct. 29

American Movie Classics (Comcast Ch. 60)

It's Halloween season, and you know what that means: Schlock horror movies galore! They don't get much schlockier than this beach party meets space invaders gem. Also titled (and we're not kidding) “Mars Invades Puerto Rico,” the film was shot in that island nation and has absolutely nothing to do with either the famous monster or his creator. Instead, the film features an “astro-robot” named Frank, who does battle with alien invaders bent on the kidnapping and impregnation of various bikini-clad women. Starring James Karen, Nancy Marshall and Robert Reilly.


9 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 31

Turner Classic Movies (Comcast Ch. 30)

Though lots of folks have seen “Ed Wood,” director Tim Burton's loving 1994 bio-pic/tribute to a man who was one of the worst hacks ever to commit his vision to film, not many have actually ever seen a film by Edward D. Wood, Jr. It's a shame, because only by reveling in the absolute, all consuming badness of one of Wood's singularly atrocious flicks can you truly get a sense for just how terrible this guy was. The phrase “So Bad, It's Good” just doesn't do Wood's films justice, as seen in what might be his masterpiece: “Bride of the Monster” (AKA “Bride of the Atom.”) Starring faded horror giant Bela Lugosi and pro-wrassler Tor Johnson, it's something to behold, with unintentional comedy galore.

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