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Teen queen



7:30 p.m., Verizon Arena. $21.75-$51.25.


 If you've seen blips of the coverage of Kanye West behaving boorishly on an MTV awards show, you might be forgiven for lumping the lanky blonde he slighted with the ever-revolving cast of pop ingenues. Taylor Swift is young (only 19) and popular (her most recent album sold more than any other last year) and pretty (model tall, with long blonde curls). She, like a lot of her contemporaries, got her start in the music business at a young age. She signed a record contract at 14 and released her debut album at 16 (it went triple platinum). But unlike most of her peers, Swift's reputation rests not on an over-sexed stage show, pre-programmed pop or a wild personal life. It's all about her skill as a songwriter. She wrote or co-wrote every song on her last album, “Fearless,” including one when she was 12. Her material usually tackles teen-age concerns — heartache, love, awkwardness — but with a deft touch that helps her songs transcend, allows her to speak universal truths. Which means they're easy for fans of all ages and pop genres. Former “American Idol” contestant Kellie Pickler opens along with Gloriana.

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