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Tea Party timber


Washington pundits say, "If it walks like a Tea Partier, talks like a Tea Partier, and votes like a Tea Partier, it's probably a Tea Partier." By that standard, four members of the Arkansas Congressional delegation are Tea Partiers, though none has owned up to it yet. Republican Reps. Rick Crawford, Tim Griffin and Steve Womack, and Republican. Sen. John Boozman toed a Tea-Party line during the recent Washington gridlock. Yet none of the four is on the membership list of the Tea Party Caucus, as of March 31. Sixty representatives and four senators are on the list, all of them Republicans, of course. What makes the absence of the Arkansans even more noteworthy is that the Tea Party movement is overwhelmingly Southern, made up of the same kind of people as those who in earlier times opposed the civil rights movement, and earlier still supported secession. Though a Midwesterner, Rep. Michele Bachman of Minnesota, is the titular leader of the Tea Party Caucus, 63 percent of the members are Southerners. The Midwest has the second largest contingent of Tea Partiers — 19 percent.

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