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St. Joseph’s offers quit-smoking program

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Press Release

St. Joseph's Mercy Health Center

St. Joseph’s offers area smokers new smoking cessation program

HOT SPRINGS  – St. Joseph’s Mercy Health Center, which on January 3 of 2005 became one of the state’s first hospitals to provide a smoke-free environment inside and outside all of its campus buildings and affiliated properties, has introduced a new smoking cessation program for area residents who would like to quit smoking.

St. Joseph’s had been offering the Kick It For Life smoking cessation program, but recently adopted QuitSmart® because its success rate is higher and it has a proven, scientific background.

“The program has 25 years of scientific research behind it, so they have found what works and what does not,” said Cardiac Rehab Supervisor and QuitSmart Coordinator Norene Chancellor, RN, one of eight St. Joseph’s co-workers who are certified counselors capable of conducting QuitSmart sessions. “Plus, the one-hour smoking cessation sessions are conducted on an individual, one-on-one basis, with a counselor who is willing to schedule around the lives of the individuals. We now truly feel like we are meeting the needs of area smokers who want to quit.”

QuitSmart was created by Dr. Robert Shipley, director of the prestigious Duke University Quit Smoking Clinic, and scientific studies have proven it more effective than any other method. For instance, in a study of five U.S. Air Force bases, 66 percent of QuitSmart participants remained smoke free at a six-month follow-up, compared to 16 to 30 percent of those in four other programs.

The fee is $30 for each of the three private one-hour counseling sessions and includes a QuitSmart Stop Smoking Kit, which contains an informative guidebook, relaxing hypnosis audio CD or cassette and a patented realistic cigarette substitute.

“Dr. Shipley stresses that you have to have a firm commitment from the smoker who wants to quit,” Chancellor said. “The nice thing is, with QuitSmart, we now have a program where we can immediately start the smoking cessation sessions after getting a commitment from a smoker who is ready to quit.”

For more information or to sign up, please call Chancellor at (501) 622-2114 or e-mail

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