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St. Joseph’s names chie operating officer

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Press Release

St. Joseph's Mercy Health Center

St. Joseph’s names Johnsen Executive Vice President-Chief Operating Officer

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – Tim Johnsen was recently named the new Executive Vice President-Chief Operating Officer (COO) at St. Joseph’s Mercy Health Center.

Johnsen joins St. Joseph’s with 22 years of healthcare experience – the last 14 in two different hospital administrative roles. Before serving the last three years as President-Chief Executive Officer for St. John’s Hospital, a fellow Sisters of Mercy Health System institution in Lebanon, Missouri, he spent 11 years (1992 to 2003) as COO of the Citizens Memorial Health Care System in Bolivar, Missouri.

“Tim has extensive leadership experience in both the delivery of healthcare and in administration,” said Randy Fale, St. Joseph’s President and CEO. “Plus, he has done both in rural and urban settings. We welcome Tim and look forward to having him on the St. Joseph’s team.”

Johnsen, who earned his bachelor’s degree in nursing from Missouri State University, started his healthcare career working as a staff nurse in a 20-bed cardiac intensive care unit at St. John’s Mercy Health Center in Springfield, Missouri. He has also served as a program director and consultant for the Cox Health Systems Air-Medical Program in Springfield, Missouri and as an Associate Clinical Director and Director of Emergency Services for the Citizens Memorial Health Care System.

“Really, I was pretty intent on staying at St. John’s,” Johnsen said. “Things were going really well there and we were very happy, but then I talked to Randy Fale and the rest is history. Once I saw the facility, met the people and got my arms around what I thought was here – which thankfully is now being validated every day – I knew making the move was the right thing for us to do.

“The St. Joseph’s mission is well defined and co-workers are generally happy to be here. You can’t help but feel that spirit, and it has been very rewarding for me already. As I’ve completed patient rounds and talked to the staff and it’s not uncommon to find co-workers who have been here 10, 15 and 20 years. That’s almost unbelievable in health care and speaks very well of St. Joseph’s and the Sisters of Mercy Health System.”

The 43-year-old Johnsen and his wife, Nancy, have been married 17 years. They have two children, a 14-year-old daughter named Kassie and an 11-year-old son named Sam.

“I am extremely honored to be the COO at St. Joseph’s,” Johnsen added. “I have a real energy and passion for health care. I started my career out as a clinician, so it is really nice to be in a position where you can impact change for both the clinical staff and all other co-workers, with a good understanding of how it affects patient care, safety and satisfaction.

“I am here to support the directors and managers, who support the co-workers, who support the patients. My belief is that you are called into the healthcare profession. You really have to want to do it because it is hard and smart work that takes a special kind of person to do. My job is to make it as convenient as possible for co-workers to do their jobs. I can already see that, as long as I do that here at St. Joseph’s, the right decisions will be made where the care of patients is concerned. You can just sense it by talking and interacting with the co-workers. Being a part of a faith-based system is part of it, but co-workers here really seem to get the big picture and that is leading to positive experiences for a lot of patients.”

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