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St. Joseph’s honors outstanding service



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St. Joseph's Mercy Health Center

St. Joseph’s honors outstanding service at annual Volunteer Appreciation Banquet

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – St. Joseph’s Mercy Health Center recently honored members of its Volunteer Auxiliary at the annual Volunteer Appreciation Banquet in the Mercy/McAuley Rooms.

St. Joseph’s Director of Volunteer Services Susan Rima, along with President and Chief Executive Officer Randy Fale, praised all the volunteers in attendance for their efforts on behalf of the hospital. The Volunteer Auxiliary’s 380 members, who have a long history of providing crucial support throughout the hospital, donated over 82,000 hours during the last fiscal year and presented the hospital with the final two $25,000 installments of a $200,000 P.E.T. scanner donation.
In addition, the volunteers donated over $10,400 to numerous other St. Joseph’s programs and agreed to give $250,000 to the Mercy Health Foundation over the next five years on behalf of the Sister Mary Roland Endowment for the Mercy Lodge.

Rima and Fale honored 20 volunteers – Barbara Hogan, Rosemarie Kawlewski, Jack Losman, Dot Brumley, Hank Clemente, Paul Woodward, Marge Marabanian, Peg Kuhnly, Darthy Tyrity, Nell Borland, Mary Darm, Al Dumbry, Lois Ferguson, Bill Glenn, Eddie Lewis, Dwight Mann, Bety Meeks, Bob Miller, Nina Nation and Bonnie Schlabowski – who have donated over 100 hours per month.

Volunteers honored for contributing more than 1,000 hours in a year were Clemente, Marabanian and Woodward. Glenn was also recognized for donating over 10,000 hours in the past several years.

Most volunteers work during business hours – 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. – Monday through Friday. For those who are interested in being members of St. Joseph’s volunteer Auxiliary, please call (501) 622-1033.

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