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Speeding noted

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Here's a note from a motorist who prefers to remain nameless, who said he got up-close and personal with an elected official's vehicle last Friday morning. It happened at 75 miles an hour on I-40 between Blackwell and Atkins. We'll let him take it from here:

"Just past Blackwell, I am aware through my rear view mirror of a white pick-up weaving through traffic, appearing to be approaching rapidly and with reckless abandon. Within no time, the white Ford truck is immediately behind me and within what appears to be only a few feet off my bumper. A semi truck is to my right and I see I am cruising at a snail's pace of 75 hoping not to get run over. I am trying to maintain a safe distance between me and the car in front, yet the white Ford truck continues to hover right on my rear bumper, so close I can not even see the windshield. ...

"Suddenly, the white truck cuts quickly to the right, accelerates and then cuts back to the left, between my car and the vehicle just ahead that I am giving reasonable distance. I am furious by this reckless driving and absolute disregard for the safety of those on the highway. I glance at the license tag, which is all too visible since the driver has cut immediately in front of my car. I glare at the license plate devoid of any embellishments except for a solitary No. 2 in the center. Then it dawns on me: Elected State Official with license plate No. 2 is the irresponsible vehicle that is endangering lives.

"Just as quickly as the truck passes my Nissan, it again veers to the right and continues to weave through the crowded highway at speeds somewhere north of 80 mph. Within a few minutes the white Ford has woven its way to the head of the pack some 15-20 vehicles in all and as suddenly as it appeared from out of nowhere, it proceeds to disappear over the next rise on the horizon and by the time I get to the rise it is no longer in sight."

Who was it? Well, Lt. Gov. Mark Darr has a white pickup. He also has a "2" Senate license plate by virtue of his position as presiding officer in the Senate, but we've been unable to learn what vehicle he uses it on, if any. The No. 2 officer in the House has a pro tempore speaker plate that is white and bears a state seal and the diamond from the state flag. The Senate plate is tan and plain. Our correspondent said the plate he saw was "tan or brown."

A spokesman for Darr told us initially that he had an appointment Friday morning, but she did not think it likely he had been headed westbound on I-40 in the Blackwell area. Calls for more information weren't returned.


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