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The bionic man!

While Arkansans do without a lot of things those in other states take for granted — constitutional school system, jobs, governor who actually sticks around to govern, etc. — we have one thing that others in this part of the country just can’t get: vibrating condoms. It seems Arkansas is the only place in the Sun Belt where you can legally purchase the new Trojan Vibrating Ring condom. Due to laws against the sale of devices designed to stimulate the genitalia, those looking to get their mechanically assisted freak on in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Colorado, Kansas and Virginia need not apply.

Essentially a rubber ring with a small vibrator attached, the device is packaged with one Trojan condom. The ring is meant to be used for only one encounter, and has a battery life of 20 minutes (ladies, insert your own joke here). According to the Trojan website, the device can be purchased at most major drug store chains (RiteAid, Eckerd, Walgreen stores and others) for around $10. For more information, visit

Dazzling dome

The temporary exoskeleton surrounding the dome at the State Capitol has come down to reveal bright white limestone rid of the dirt, lichens and mortar cracks that were making the dome both unsightly and unsafe. The dome looks so clean, in fact, compared to the rest of the building, there’s buzz to get the whole structure washed. The work, in which a crew used a fire hose to wash down the dome and then applied a mineral sealant, cost $800,000 and is part of a $1.3 million repair job that now focuses on the north end of the building. The work was gentler on the dome than in previous years, when crews just chipped a quarter of an inch off the surface of the limestone. Funding for the work, which started in March, came in grant form from the state’s Natural and Cultural Resources Council. Cathy Bradshaw of the secretary of state’s office said the office may ask the legislature for money to clean the Capitol at its next session.


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