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Smart Talk Nov. 3

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Hogs smell bad
We happen to be fans here of Wally Hall. The Democrat-Gazette sports editor has endured, for one thing, and it turns out that he’s pretty good at radio in his regular stint on The Buzz with Tommy Smith and David Bazzel. Doesn’t talk too much. Has interesting things to say and a sense of humor.

We had occasion to like him a touch more last week when a transcript of a radio interview he’d done with Georgia sportscaster Larry Munson began circulating on the Internet. The interview was before the game the Hogs lost to Georgia. Wally certainly couldn’t be accused of homerism. Some small excerpts (you can find a fuller account on Jim Harris’ Little Rocking blog on our home page …

Hall: This game will be over before the half.
Munson: Oh, is that right?

Hall: This is, in my 31 years this is probably the worst Razorback team I’ve seen. ...
Munson: And Coach Nutt knew this was coming, didn’t he? He knew this was coming on that last contract discussion.

Hall: Exactly.
Munson: And that’s why it dragged out an extra day or two? He felt too many people were graduating.

Hall: You know they got hit with a little NCAA problem, it hurt them, set them back a couple of years, but this is the last year they can use that as an excuse, because the last was a full recruiting class, this will be a full recruiting class. The excuse-making’s over...he knew. ...
Munson: Morale pretty good on this squad?

Hall: I don’t think so.

Movie Trivia
The well-received (and Arkansas Times-sponsored) “Movies in the Park” series takes a step up in class on Nov. 16, moving to the Great Hall at the Clinton Presidential Center. What’s more, the first film features an Arkie connection. Showing that week is the 1972 politicomedy “The Candidate,” starring Robert Redford as a candidate for U.S. Senate who takes on the establishment. For the Arkansas angle, be sure to keep an eye out for the comely Karen Carlson as Redford’s wife. Though Carlson was born in Shreveport, she was a student at the University of Arkansas (Carlson was the girlfriend of a young Ken Hatfield and Cotton Bowl Queen) before making a name for herself round these parts by winning the Miss Arkansas title in 1964 and runner-upping in the Miss America pageant the following year. After modeling her birthday suit in the 1970 sexploitation film “The Student Nurses,” Carlson’s career hit its high point with her appearance in “The Candidate” before a string of guest roles on ’70s and ’80s TV and a nine-year marriage to “Starsky and Hutch” star David Soul. As an actress, Carlson drops off the map following a role in the 1997 thriller “The Man Next Door.” Anybody know what became of her?

Retail rumor-mongering
As yet, still no official announcements have been issued on tenants in the open air shopping center at Markham and University, across the street from Park Plaza. Ground is at last being cleared there for the Texas developer’s project.

Just for fun, here are a couple of rumors. An employee of Lewis and Clark Outfitters, an outdoors retailer with three stores in Northwest Arkansas, was heard saying they’d be opening a store in Little Rock. And another hot rumor has Wild Oats, the natural food chain, opening a second location in Little Rock at the spot.

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