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Smart Talk July 3

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You do know that the Arkansas Times has a lively website that includes news and comment and fun stuff every day on our Arkansas (news), Rock Candy (entertainment), Eat Arkansas (food) and community blogs. Find them all at

If you don't follow them, last week you missed some fierce back and forth between our Lindsey Millar and David Koon and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's Philip Martin over Martin's kind review of “Love Guru,” which our critic, and many others, deplored. You missed spicy commentary on our exclusive report on the city of Little Rock's purchase of a flattering profile of Vice Mayor Stacy Hurst in Soiree magazine. You missed the new work of culinary school grad Jessica Kokinos-Havel on Eat Arkansas. You missed exclusive reporting and photo coverage of Little Rock lawyer Gary Barket's acquittal in Bermuda on a gun charge.

Get the picture? Get on-line, too.

Advice for the new boss

 When the Arkansas Blog last week reported the hiring of Ronald Mathieu as director for Little Rock National Airport, the news brought an instant suggestion from a reader for an early task for the new man.

(Actually, Mathieu has been on the scene in an acting capacity for some time.)

“Will he fix the sign that greets arriving passengers as they walk up the ramp past the security screening area? The one that says: ‘Arkansas' Capitol of Commerce and Government.'”

It should be “capital,” of course. And we'd prefer that they make it “Arkansas's capital.”


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