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Smart Talk, July 10



Where hearts are not so gay


The American Family Foundation in Tupelo, Miss., has achieved a certain notoriety for its opposition to sexual themes on television and its deep aversion to homosexuality. Thanks to an outstanding Arkansan, the web world got a look at the depths of that aversion last week and the law of unintended consequences.

The Association operations the OneNewsNow website, to focus on items of interest, such as a McDonald's boycott because the burger chain contributed $20,000 to the National Lesbian and Gay Chamber of Commerce. Get the picture?

You can do searches on the website for news. The quirk is that, in the headlines and summaries of relevant news articles, the site has been programmed to replace the word “gay” with “homosexual” — gay apparently doesn't sound evil enough. The programming quirk produced this result last week when former UA sprinter Tyson Gay ran the fastest 100 meters dash time ever recorded.

Headline on the OneNews search summary: “Homosexual breaks Greene's US record in 100 at trials.”

Summary: “Tyson Homosexual got quite a fright in his first race Saturday. He set a record in his second. Homosexual broke Maurce Greene's American record.”


Huck stands by his man


Even some of Mike Huckabee's admirers were surprised last week when his Huck PAC endorsed the re-election of Republican Rep. Don Young of Alaska. Huckabee credited his infrastructure work. Young's primary attribute was as perhaps the only congressman who openly supported Huckabee's presidential campaign.

Young is facing a tough election fight. He's under investigation in the Velco bribery scandal and is known as one of the king pork barrelers in Congress. Comments on Huckabee's blog, normally adoring of the former Arkansas governor, weren't favorable. “You blew your reputation on this,” said one. Said another: “You have one problem with Don Young and it's called The Bridge To Nowhere,” a reference to an infamous highway project in Alaska. Huckabee acknowledged the criticism and wrote, “Don Young has been a consistent pro-family, pro-life vote in the Congress. Don also endorsed my campaign and stood by me in the public arena defending my record from false attacks when other members of Congress wouldn't be seen with me.”


Thieves take bait, but can't be caught


How do you steal 700 pounds of fish and conceal the evidence? That's just one question the Lonoke County sheriff's office is trying to answer after Miller Bait, a store off Highway 70 near Carlisle, was relieved of 200 pounds of blacknose crappie, 200 pounds of crawfish, and 300 pounds of fathead minnows in late April. The sheriff's office has yet to make an arrest, though it recovered several other items stolen during the same job, including a fish fryer and one of two missing shotguns. Capt. Steve Finch said that several suspects have been identified in the Carlisle area, but he could not comment further.

Motives? Maybe the thieves wanted to have a cookout of Biblical proportions? Probably not with this loot. Blacknose crappie are used to stock ponds and can be eaten when they reach a good size. Fathead minnows, however, are small fry  — as many as 50,000 of them in a 300-pound haul. Perhaps someone is trying to open a rival to Miller Bait? Have a theory? Write

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