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Smart Talk Feb. 23

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Beaming up baby

A nursery at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Medical Center has been outfitted with five web-linked cameras so parents can keep an eye on infants in critical care via the Internet.

ANGEL Eye will allow families (who are provided with a password) to see live feeds of video of their babies. A doctor may choose to have a baby on camera while talking to parents by phone.

The critical care nursery, which takes care of babies born at just over a pound, has as many as 10 babies on any given day. UAMS plans to expand ANGEL Eye (named for the Antenatal and Neonatal Guidelines, Education and Learning System program) to all beds in
the neonatal intensive care unit at some point.
Dr. Curtis Lowery, a professor and director of UAMS’ Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine, said ANGEL Eye eventually will become part of a research project on bonding. “We believe the ability of a mother to see her infant, even from a computer screen 100 miles away, will help her bond with her baby, and it may improve lactation,” Lowery said in a news release. “This would be an extraordinary benefit to both mother and child.”


In case you missed it on TV, KTHV ran results of a poll last week that indicates Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton enjoys some residual good feeling in Arkansas.
For a story on the potential for three Arkansans to contend for the presidency in 2008 (Clinton, Wesley Clark and Gov. Mike Huckabee), KTHV, using the automated polling of Survey USA, asked questions of 583 registered Arkansas voters Feb. 11-12.
Among the results, some of which we reported last week:

Percentage who thought the three were qualified to be president:
Clinton 55 percent.
Huckabee 39 percent
Clark 33 percent

The candidate most likely to be elected:
Clinton 50 percent
Huckabee 32 percent
Clark 14 percent

If the choice was Huckabee or Clinton:
Clinton 52 percent
Huckabee 43 percent
Undecided 5 percent

If Bill Clinton could run again, would you vote for him:
Definitely 43 percent
Never 32 percent
Depends 25 percent


Nobody says more about the Bush administration in fewer words than syndicated cartoonist Tom Tomorrow, whose strip appears in the Times each week. Here’s a roundup of his work, a new book, "Hell in a Handbasket," that will set you laughing all over again, when you’re not crying for our beloved country. It’s from Penguin Group and costs $14.95.

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