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Smart Talk Dec. 9


VCR alert Heifer International gets a dose of national TV coverage at 7 p.m. Dec. 29 on CBS. That’s when “60 Minutes” will air a piece it filmed on Heifer last June. A crew spent a week in Africa to tell how the gift of a goat made a huge difference in the life of a Ugandan woman. Shocking Recent visitors to the new Wal-Mart Supercenter at Highway 10 and Chenal Parkway found something more shocking than the low, low prices. Due to a combination of humidity and the polished concrete floor used in some areas of the store, patrons have complained about receiving static shocks from their shopping carts. Store manager Brett Walters said the problem is due to high humidity levels, most likely caused by the frozen food and produce aisles in the grocery section. Walters said he had experienced the same thing while helping start up a Wal-Mart in New England, though the trouble there was short-lived, and resolved itself. Here, they’re taking a more proactive approach. “What we did was, we got 500 little chains to put on the bottom of the shopping carts to ground them,” Walters said. Five hundred more chains to outfit the rest of the store’s carts are on order. Das Boot North Little Rock’s new submarine fleet, the former USS Razorback, is already proving its commercial worth. The United States Submarine Veterans Association will hold its 2006 convention in Little Rock and the sub made the difference, says a spokesman for the Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau. The event will bring 2,000 submariners to town Sept. 5-10, 2006. “When we were doing the bid in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., the veterans kept coming up and saying we just had to bring her home,” the spokesman said. “It was really sweet and touching.” Backing winners Tyson Foods caught a lot of guff for its support of Bill Clinton back when he was running for president. But nobody in the media seems to mind much when the giant food processor puts its money behind President George W. Bush. Not saying we do. But, for the record: Tyson is among several $50,000 donors to Bush’s inauguration ball. See them for tickets to the sold-out event.

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