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Smart Talk Aug. 4

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Words from warriors Two recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor paid a visit last week to the MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History because their medals will be part of a permanent exhibit on Arkansas links to some two dozen recipients of the medal. Aaron Sadler of Stephens Media’s Arkansas News Bureau used the occasion to ask the men, former Lt. Gov. Nathan Gordon, and Nick Bacon, former director of the state Veterans Affairs Department, about the war in Iraq. They had similar views. Said Gordon, 88, who was honored for service in World War II: “Those poor guys over there are getting killed by an enemy they can never see and don’t know who the [enemies] are. They don’t know who to shoot and who not to shoot. I’m not going to criticize the fact they’re over there, but it seems to me like it’s time to get out.” Bacon, awarded the medal for service in Vietnam, said action in Iraq was necessary to combat terrorism, but it was time to end the fighting. Bacon, who has a son on a third tour in Iraq, said, “I think we should take the people that we have and we need to get the hell out of there. We need to get the hell out of there as soon as possible. You don’t know who to shoot in this war.” A good-looking sister Tiny Gilbert, Ark., (pop. 28) is now the smallest U.S. city in the Sister Cities program. It has signed an agreement with Bride, a 408-population village on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea. It’s the place where the movies “Braveheart” and “Waking Ned Devine” were filmed. Folks from Gilbert can enjoy the cool air of Bride; folks from Bride can canoe the Buffalo when the exchanges encouraged by the program take place. At the moment, we’ll take Bride. Hundreds of U.S. cities participate in the program. Little Rock is linked with Ragusa, Sicily. Evelyn Langston, a sheep farmer and country crafts pattern maker, said the linkup with Bride came after a long search to find a sister city small enough for Gilbert, where fully one-fourth of the population serve as elected officials. Bride responded to letters she wrote to smaller cities on the island, after being led there by a Methodist preacher who’d served part-time there. The Sister Cities charter will be taken to Bride in the fall by Bill Baker, a retired educator who lives in Gilbert. Real Mexican Last week, our sister newspaper El Latino published winners in its annual Best Restaurants contest for 2005. Since we assume most of you are not regular readers of the Spanish-language newspaper, we thought you might be interested in what members of the Latino community think are the best restaurants in town. We won’t provide the complete list, but here are some: Best tacos – La Regional Best enchiladas – Las Palmas Best guacamole – Senor Tequila Best salsa – La Hacienda Best cheese dip – El Porton Best seafood – Karina Best margarita – Las Palmas Best breakfast – McDonald’s Best American restaurant – Gaucho’s Best of the best – Senior Tequila

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