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Ship him Down Under


We'd thought that Rupert Murdoch, like Satan, was pretty much damage-proof as far as reputation was concerned. After years of unprincipled money-grubbing, of banishing truth from his media outlets, of turning good newspapers into bad ones and making bad ones worse, what could Murdoch do that would lower him even further in the estimation of his fellow man?

Now we know. The Murdoch empire could hack into the voice mail of murdered schoolgirls' families, misleading these sufferers to believe their beloved might still be alive; tap the telephones of relatives of soldiers killed in Afghanistan, and of the victims of the London transit attack; bribe police officers to divulge confidential information. Disgusted before, the British people are enraged now, and the American people are beginning to notice. A large part of that evil empire is here, after all.

Outside the Tea Party and the Fox News studios, Murdoch defenders are few. Even the Republican Newspaper Publishers Association is reclaiming its Man of the Year awards. ("He wasn't supposed to get caught," a distraught board member told us.) Immigration reformers are seeking ways to send Murdoch back to Australia. It's not quite far enough.

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