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Shale game


Shale game

According to Sen. Jason Rapert's Facebook posting, "activists complaining about the roads and making the natural gas industry feel unwelcome in our state" is the reason the gas producers are pulling out. As leader of the legislature's shale caucus, I hope he actually knows the real reason.

Arkansas produces dry natural gas, which has fallen from favor due to excess availability and lower demand. High methane content gas is dryer than natural gas containing evaporated liquids like ethane, butane and pentane. When combined they are referred to as natural gas liquids (NGLs) and "wet" gas. Producers obligated with heavy debt service that cannot be met with low dry gas prices have shifted to plays rich in wet gas. One of the NGL constituents having much greater economic advantage is ethane. This feedstock for ethylene is used to make plastics.

Bill Powers, writer for Financial Sense, a publication cited by Barron's as one of the top financial websites, wrote as early as May 2011, "The Fayetteville Shale Peaks." Powers goes on to provide an extensive analysis showing the Fayetteville Shale to be on a downhill run. Production has never met earlier projections and Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR) is also questioned. What was considered to have as much as a 30-year production run now appears to have topped out in six.

Companies are simply looking for better production opportunities. While it may be hard to accept, the Fayetteville Shale play is not the prettiest girl at the dance right now.

Joyce Hale


Obama/Clinton 2012

Ten reasons why Barack Obama should select Hillary Clinton as his vice president running mate and name Joe Biden Secretary of State:

1. She is the second most qualified person in the country to be president.

2. They would make history with the first female VP.

3. She will help his re-election just by being on the ticket.

4. She will help his re-election because she is a dynamic campaigner.

5. She will do an outstanding job in the VP debate.

6. He will retain the option of resigning one day, one week, or one month before the end of his term and creating the first female president.

7. She deserves a less stressful job after a superb job as Secretary of the State.

8. She will be good for Arkansas.

9. Her selection will help ratings for the "Political Animals" TV show, which is far better than its audience numbers.

10. I will win a bet.

Robert Johnston

Little Rock

City priorities wrong

I have proudly lived in Little Rock my entire life. While others flee from the crime and over-taxing I have stuck through in the capital city. Recently the city passed an ordinance to make it un-lawful for otherwise law-abiding landowners to park their legally tagged and insured vehicles in their "yard." After getting a citation for being in violation of this ordinance I began to park one of my vehicles on the street, where it was side-swiped in a hit and run. My vehicle was of course insured and the damage paid for but my premiums have increased due to the crime rate in my neighborhood (what happened to all those police officers the city was hiring?) and the claim I was forced to make. I was recently cited again for parking in my yard, even though my vehicle was parked on concrete pavers (as indicated in the ordinance). At the time of this citation there was a broken down, untagged car parked against traffic in the street.  I called the police to complain about the vehicle and a notice was left that it be moved. No citation; just a warning. The dilapidated structure that was once a residence next to my property was passed by code enforcement officers. I and my neighbors have been after the city for months to take action against the current owner of this property for back taxes, owning an unsafe or dilapidated structure, or just for the tall grass and brush. I have been informed by code enforcement officers that they have done what they can in this case. I have come to only one conclusion: that in the city's opinion it is less unsightly and detrimental to have a falling down house used by criminals and vagrants  surrounded by grass and weeds than a road legal and insured car parked in a perfectly manicured lawn.

R. Bennett

Little Rock

From the web:

Commenting on "Harrison fights racist reputation" (Arkansas Reporter, Aug. 1):

Arkansas Times maintains its anti-white bigot reputation — persecuting powerless whites with a permanent system of legal discrimination in employment and education, which never affects them and condemning white communities for the same attitudes they embrace in African-American and Hispanic communities. Just for votes for socialism, or are they just trying to pick a fight!

Thomas Pope

Thank you for writing and printing an article that highlights the efforts of those people who live in Harrison who are working toward improving race relations. In the words of Dr. King: "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."


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