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Self-professed budget hawk Crawford really a big spender


Rick Crawford, whose personal financial disrepair was an issue in his election as Republican congressman from the 1st District, is a professed spending hawk. But according to a new report by the transparency website Legistorm, Rep. Crawford's words don't match his actions.

Among 94 freshmen congressmen, Crawford's staff payroll, at more than $216,000 for the first quarter of 2011, was fifth highest. You can see a full list of his staff salaries at

Freshman staff pay is usually lower than the pay of long-time members with longer-serving staffs. The average congressional staff pay in the first quarter was $246,911, a figure that Democratic U.S. Rep. Mike Ross, another budget hawk, managed to top with $247,545.

Staff pay for the quarter for other Arkansas reps.: Tim Griffin, $192,849; Steve Womack, $177,824.

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