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Science, religion and Bush

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I was overjoyed with [Ernest Dumas’] article in last week’s Arkansas Times entitled “Bush’s heartless act.” You hit it right on the mark! I am all for church and religion, I enjoy church very much, but I don’t understand how the president allows such religious extremists to have so much control over him.

I wish the president or one of the fanatics would go through the pain of watching a loved one (like my grandmother) deteriorate in front of their eyes from a disease like Alzheimer’s. Their tune might change. People live years and years with these diseases. (My grandmother lived 15 years.)

I can’t believe that our country has resources and won’t use them. It just shows you that you really do have to have separation of church and state. It breaks my heart.
Katherine L. Rasmussen
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Animal rescue
All communities have their particular problems; East End is no exception. My family has lived in the community for over 15 years, and without a doubt I can say that one of its worst problems is the way its animals, specifically companion animals, are disregarded, disrespected, and mistreated.

My family and I have rescued countless stray dogs over the years, and we have come to love them all. Dogs who were hungry, dogs with no place to go, dogs who were wounded — they have all set up camp with us and found food, love, and a real home.

But then there are the dogs we couldn’t rescue. There are the dogs chained to trees in their family’s yard, just out of reach of adequate food and water and too dirty for the family to even consider playing with. There are the dogs dumped on the side of the road because no one wanted to take the time to care for them or couldn’t afford to do so.

It’s the sickest display of inhumanity when the most intelligent and capable species on earth not only allows, but also fosters the circumstances that leave animals in such deplorable conditions.

With all the animals cast aside in the community, I still cannot fathom why one of my family’s chihuahuas, Miss Scarlett, somehow mysteriously disappeared from our home and has not been returned. A part of me wants to scream and ask if this is the thanks I get for caring for so many unwanted animals. But the bigger part of me can only cry myself to sleep at night and wonder where my sweet baby is. She’s been gone for months now with no trace and no response to the reward offered for her. Such a tiny creature, so dependent on humans for her every need, deserves to be at home with her family.

I challenge you to care for and love your companion animals daily. They must be the only true source of unequivocal, unconditional love on this earth; you might be surprised to see the added pep in your step you’d have from receiving such emotion and affection from someone who wants nothing more than to be your friend. Besides, as the most intelligent and capable species on earth, we should feel obligated and honored to care for those who depend on us. If you take on the responsibility of a companion animal, fulfill it. It’s only fair, and the rewards are worth it.
Susan Gail Taylor
East End

Saved again
Thank goodness, Republicans have protected us from an increase in the minimum wage — the ninth time since 1997! We wouldn’t want a surge of American workers to escape poverty.

And they managed to protect the tax refund for the super wealthy. Certainly wouldn’t want any of America’s wealthiest to lose any money to taxes.

Also they’ve protected the pharmaceutical companies from having to negotiate with the government for lower prices on prescription meds for the elderly on Medicare. Certainly wouldn’t want to cut into those profits.

Now if they can only protect us from two people of the same gender from getting married and from anyone who wants to burn an American flag in protest, perhaps we’ll escape those crises and the world will be safe for Democracy.

And if they can just protect that 1 percent — among America’s wealthiest — from having to pay an estate tax our economy will be saved.

If they’ll just do that, we won’t worry about the millions of Americans who lack health insurance, or the government’s eavesdropping at will on our phone conversations, or imprisoning us without charge or access to an attorney or a court, or carving other chunks out of the Bill of Rights, or borrowing billions from China to keep the country running, or our air and water’s being poisoned, or the ice cap’s melting, or the oil crisis, or obscene windfall profits for bloated corporations.

Those things don’t really matter so long as we “stay the course” in the war on terror — or terrorism — (the first war ever declared on an abstract noun). Just so the Republicans don’t let our government “cut and run,” as it did when Gerald Ford (well, he wasn’t really all that much of a Republican) pulled us out of Vietnam saying, “The fate of responsible men and women everywhere [meaning the South Vietnamese] rests in their own hands, not in ours.” But after all, that was then; this is now.

I feel so much safer. Well, at least I would, if I just knew who was going to protect me from my own government!
Dr. Bob Hartsell
Hot Springs

Impeach them
A call for impeachment of the Arkansas Supreme Court, who June 29 declared themselves the de facto masters over Arkansas slaves — oops — I meant legal citizens. These activist judges have declared that a law cannot be based upon a society’s morals. What is a law if it is NOT the reflection of a society’s morals?

Justices agreed with Pulaski County Circuit Judge Tim Fox’s ruling that the ban on homosexual foster parents seeks to regulate “public morality” and the high court said the state Child Welfare Agency Review Board in adopting the ban violated the separation of powers doctrine.

Separation of powers? What do these radical progressive oligarchs think they are doing by declaring themselves the sole arbiters of Arkansas law? They have the authority to declare a law unconstitutional and send it back for review/correction or override, but the court has no constitutional authority to write their own laws and rules then demand the legal citizens to bow down in homage to them.

It’s a shame our Arkansas “officials” do not take their oaths seriously — but then, an oath reflects the morality of the society.

C. L. Steplock III
Hot Springs

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