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The best used-book deal we've ever come across. As in far and wide. The books, culled from donations to the Central Arkansas Library, don't follow the typical half-off-the-cover-price formulation that most used bookstores follow. Instead, everything is discounted by as much as 70 percent. And there are enough books to occupy four floors, including the basement level. Don't think that just because the books are donated you'll only find the likes of book-club editions of John Grisham novels (though you will find those) either. Particularly in its literary fiction section, RMBG always offers an impressive selection (on recent trips we've come away with a hardbound copy of Richard Price's "Clockers," David Mitchell's "Cloud Atlas" and Jennifer Egan's "Emerald City"). With some new books, especially in the strong Arkansas section, and collectibles, including "deluxe" librarian action figures.

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