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Respect yourself


Announcing her candidacy for lieutenant governor, Dianne Curry said she considered running for the Second Congressional District seat and state auditor "before deciding lieutenant governor best fits her experience and abilities." Schools spend a lot of time these days teaching self-esteem — students like it better than facts and formulae — but apparently the teaching hasn't seeped upward to the Little Rock School Board, on which Curry sits. Anyone who thinks her experience and abilities are best suited for being lieutenant governor has serious S-E issues. We wrote once that the present lieutenant governor, Mark Darr, was likely the only person in Arkansas history who'd proved too light for the job. (That was after Darr sneaked into the governor's office while Gov. Beebe was away and signed a rather bad bill that Beebe hadn't planned to.) Serving responsibly as acting governor when the real one is out of town — that is, not signing bad bills — is about all the lieutenant governor has to do, other than preside over the state Senate when the legislature is in session a few weeks a year. It is not a fulltime job. Both Curry and John Burkhalter, a state highway commissioner who also announced for lieutenant governor, are admirably overqualified.

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