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Resolve to buy stuff

You’ll feel better, even if you never use it.


SHELF LOVE: Express it.
  • SHELF LOVE: Express it.

The month of January is all about making you feel inferior. Even if you didn’t gain 20 pounds over Christmas, unless you’re newly committed to a daily 5-mile run like everyone else in the world, you’re clearly a lazy slob.

And then there are all the get-organized ads. If everything you own is not assigned its own labeled clear plastic storage container by New Year’s Day, again, you’re clearly a lazy slob.

But there’s an out: as with exercising, you can give yourself a temporary lift by just buying all the stuff you need, even if you bail on the follow-through. Plastic storage containers are cheap. And you’ll probably eventually fill them with something.

My favorite source for all things storage is, as I’ve mentioned before, Stack ’n’ Rack (8202 Cantrell Road). It’s a place to go and dream — to imagine shelf after neatly arranged shelf, clutterless, serene, self-straightening. And if that’s not enough enticement, they’re having a big ol’ sale.

A lot of things are marked down — I picked up a gift-wrap organizer designed to hang from a closet rod and a little rack that holds brooms and mops, and a half-price table out front included a cereal dispenser for $12, a bathtub caddy (the kind that holds your book and glass of wine while you’re soaking) for $18.50, and other goodies.

But the marquee item is the Elfa line of customized closet/pantry/garage/etc. organization, which is 20 percent off through the end of January. You bring in your closet measurements, they construct a blueprint of hanging bars and shelves and baskets and drawers and shoe racks, and voila, instant delivery from Crammed Closet Hell. (Of course, all the promotional photos for these types of systems show closets tidily stocked with all of three pairs of shoes, five shirts and two dresses — my closet would look neat, too, if that’s all it had to hold.)

In other shopping news:

• I didn’t get around to mentioning it before Christmas, but three more stores are open at Midtowne: Francesca’s Collections, Impulse by R.K. Collections, and Evolve.

Francesca’s has a little bit of everything for women (or those buying them gifts) — clothing, handbags, lots of costume jewelry, picture frames, notecards, scented candles. Best gag gift I’ve seen in awhile: a little pouch decorated with a retro Rosie-the-Riveter-esque cartoon of a guy with a pompadour and the words “Vinnie’s Tampon Case” in nice, bold, easily readable letters ($13). Prices overall were very reasonable — dresses, for instance, ranged from $40 to $75, and lots of the jewelry was under $20.

It’s a little different at the other two stores, which cater to the young-and-trendy crowd willing to spend $200 on jeans. Evolve is a men’s store, and Impulse has both men’s and women’s clothing.

Soho Modern (2200 Cantrell) is having a “Christmas Money” sale, with 25 percent or more off storewide and 15 percent off special orders.

• And Posh, the furniture/decor store at 5507 Ranch Drive, is celebrating its fourth anniversary with a sale Jan. 15-31.


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