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Republican rapture

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Republican rapture

Just when I thought the right-wing Republicans have sunk as low as a snake in a wagon-wheel track, here they go again. Thirty-eight Republicans voted to block the Disability Act in the Senate. Their reason: They do not trust the United Nations.

How can people be so stupid? The truth is that the right-wing Republicans believe that the United Nations is devil worship. They believe that anything or person that actually brings people and nations together is the work of the anti-Christ. They are taught this in church.

The End Times teachings these people believe is at the core of why they behave like they do, irrational, paranoid and anti-Christ.

Somebody has to say this and it might as well be me.

Now more than ever we need separation of church and state. These misguided, self-destructive teachings continue to get in the way of rational policy.

The United Nations, although not perfect, is blessed by God. It is a step in the right direction.

It seems clear to me that when states trade with each other, when there is a forum in which they can resolve issues and disputes, and most importantly, when they surrender the right to wage war to a central governing body, there is peace.

If this freaks anyone out, please consider that I have just described the United States of America.

There is no bloodbath required for Jesus to return to earth. When he does return, and he will, it is these misguided, lost souls that will try to kill him again in the name of God, just like the Jews in Palestine did some 2,000 years ago.

When I pray tonight I will ask God to consider going ahead and rapturing these people. I don't care where he sends them; just get them out of here. They have done enough harm.

Butch Stone


Shame on Boozman

Even Russia and China, who are not known for their civil rights, have signed the U.N. disability rights treaty to bring civil rights to the disabled around the world.

Sen. John Boozman and the other 37 GOP senators who opposed this treaty should feel disgrace for their cowardly vote, kowtowing to the fringe, right-wing, conspiracy-touting, radical Tea Party known today as the Republican Party. A party that believes the U.N. is the stage for the socialist Muslim anti-Christ wanting to take over the world, aka President Obama.

All this treaty does is signal to the world the U.S.A. and 155 countries believe the disabled around the world should have equal rights and access to public facilities. It's a treaty that complements our own Americans with Disabilities Act.

Tell Sen. Boozman and the Tea Party GOP to go home and hide their faces in shame.

Patrick Gray


Darr nightmare

Though I've heard some rumors to the effect, please say "it ain't so" that Lt. Gov. Mark Darr might run for governor.

Please say I just dreamed it and I'll wake up and it'll all be over. Please tell me that — "R" — after-the-name or not — the people of Arkansas are really quite savvy and will vote for what's actually in the best interests of our state. We've been blessed to have a great governor in Mike Beebe lo these last few years and have actually made substantial progress. We're well on our way to approaching the 21st century, except for women's and gay rights, which still need a lot more work. Please tell me Darr will find something else to do with his time. Hey, I like pizza, too, but the top job takes a tad more experience. Please tell me I have nothing to worry about and I can waft off to sleep tonight without a care in the world.

Linda Farrell

Bella Vista

Heavy hand on the Travs

Thanks for the article on the Arkansas Travelers baseball team ("Fans cry foul," Nov. 21). This is a historic institution in our community, designed for the recreation, fun and pleasure of our citizens. It has been run for generations by some of the finest public citizens of our state for the benefit of the public. Warren Stephens has made it possible for us to all enjoy a beautiful new ballpark. The staff of the Travelers has been equally distinguished for many decades — first the old gentleman, Ray Winder for whom the old park was named, then the colorful Bill Valentine who is a local legend, and then Pete Laven, a young baseball executive who has won awards, kept the finances in order and received compliments by almost everyone who knew him. It is a real shame that politics, power trips and vengeance has entered this fine institution. Since an attorney named Russ Meeks has taken charge of the board of the Travelers, the highly-thought-of general manager, Laven, has been fired and what is worse, the fine history of this institution has been damaged. Meeks has taken some of the fun out of the baseball program, which has delighted many generations of Central Arkansans. As a minority stockholder, I have seen the heavy hand of this misguided board leader first-hand. I am hopeful that Stephens will step in and see that employees are well treated, that stockholders and Traveler fans are respected and that board leaders who have lost their way and do not understand the history of this great organization are replaced.

Jim Pfeifer

Little Rock

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