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Red Mango

New kid on the block serving up delicious parfaits

Red Mango's Mixed Berry Parfait
  • Red Mango's Mixed Berry Parfait

A tasty alternative to fast food

It tastes rich, decadent and wonderfully sinful, and it's one of the Heights coolest new gathering spots—Red Mango.

The ingredients are all natural and gluten-free says owner Douglas Tyler, who recently opened the shop at 5621 Kavanaugh Blvd. Red Mango specializes in healthy smoothies, frozen yogurt and parfaits. The ingredients—such as berries, bananas, granolas and nuts are fresh, not canned or freeze-dried—and the store's concoctions often have fewer calories than other frozen yogurts and ice creams.

After several years in Florida, Tyler decided it was time to return to Arkansas to be closer to his family. So, he, along with his mother Linda Tyler—District 45 State Representative—decided to open Red Mango, a trendy franchise found in larger cities around the country.

"I tried it while I was in California and it was great," Tyler says. He believes "yogurt is evolving" and what Little Rock residents want, is a healthy, fresh option.

"Our offerings are a great alternative to fast food," he says.

Since opening in May, "The response has been great," he says. The White Peach Yogurt is proving popular with the Heights' crowd. So is his personal favorite, the Mixed Berry Parfait, with its delicious layers of ripe strawberries, juicy blueberries, yogurt and crunchy granola.

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