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More Lincoln and less Grover Norquist is a good idea for the national Republican Party too, and reportedly some Congressional Republicans are thinking about it. Even members of the Arkansas delegation are said to be reconsidering the pledge not to raise taxes that Norquist got them all to sign. (Norquist is a lobbyist who wants to assure that rich people don't have to help support the government that protects them. He calls this tax reform.)

More revenue is required to give the American people things like medical care for the elderly and national defense. Drugs and drones cost money. President Obama has made a modest proposal to restore the old, higher tax rates that were in effect for wealthy Americans before George W. Bush cut them, turning the economy sour. Obama would shield the middle class from higher taxes. The plan sounds unobjectionable to most people, though Mitt Romney objected. And Mitt Romney was defeated. There should be a lesson there.

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