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Reaching legislators



Reaching legislators

In this state, to communicate with many legislators, we have to deal in terms they can understand — $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, guns, sports (make that winning sports teams).

Do any “illegals” participate in the state religion, sports, either at the high school or college level?

Let's have a law that if an “illegal” plays, the team has to forfeit games won, all the way up to state championship.

Imagine a very talented football or basketball player was wanted by UAF, but the player was an “illegal.” Would things change then?

Gay Bard


The telemarketers

For a couple of weeks the telemarketers have left me in blessed peace. I am not a happy camper when I answer my phone and someone wants to sell me a phone or “fix” my credit card debt (which I don't have).

At my age, you have your house paid for, don't need a satellite dish or a “reverse mortgage” to take a vacation.

If these people who called me just knew how much it turns me off to have someone try to tell me what is good for me! They have gotten sneaky, too. I got a hot pink card in my mail box that said they had a delivery for me but couldn't get in touch. I told my sister who informed me that it was a cell phone company that was “willing to send” me a phone. That is desperate, I do believe. Look out people.

Now, I feel better.

Peggy Wolfe

Heber Springs

Concealed weapons

The publication of the list of Arkansas concealed weapon permit holders by the Arkansas Times was unconscionable. The puny “protection” offered by the watered-down bill which has been passed in reaction to your exposure of the list offers scant comfort to permit holders. With one's name and zip code available, it won't be hard for thieves to find the addresses of likely targets. Victims of domestic violence who have obtained permits in fear for their lives may now more easily be found by their abusers.

I am very angry that my privacy has been compromised by this high-handed arrogance. We have been vetted by the State Police, and have been found to be both law-abiding and trained to handle firearms. You have violated the basic concept of concealed carry, which is privacy. You owe the over 50,000 permit holders of Arkansas an apology, and should support future efforts to restrict the list to law enforcement only.

T. Matthews



If the concealed carry people are so concerned about remaining secret, how will they ever get legislation for a special conceal and carry parking spot closer to the store? (All that heavy metal of shootin' irons can really slow a person down; it's almost as bad as a handicap!)

Lastly, why in the name of all that is holy do we stress the diminishing intellects of our state legislators with crappy concerns like this?

Get real, people. There are a whole lot of other problems that should be addressed before this stuff.

George Gibson

Little Rock

Harvey and Huckabee

Lincoln was compared by his contemporaries to a gorilla. Bush the Lesser has been compared to a chimpanzee. One could draw a similar comparison between Paul Harvey and Mike Huckabee. Harvey offered “news and comment.” Our (fortunately) former governor does well to offer coherent “comment.”

As for Huckabee's fellow noisemakers at Fox, eight years of fear-mongering has reduced the right wing to a babbling band of bungling, blithering baboons. The fear card is their only suit, and prevents them from admitting to a series of colossal blunders which the grownups must now fix, at great expense. It'd be more fun and satisfying to watch the right's antics if they hadn't managed to blow up the world economy and bulldoze what's left of the planet while they were in power, but there is comfort in knowing that at least some of the levers of government are now beyond their control, Darth Cheney and the minions who still report to him notwithstanding. To clarify what Reagan said at his inaugural, we have clearly seen that when Republicans are in charge, government IS the problem. We also know now, from the financial implosions of the last year, that GOP stands for greedy, obnoxious plutocrats.

Perhaps a continuation of this bad behavior by the GOP, Fox and its fellow travelers, and the oozing up of more scandals over the next year and a half will produce an unassailable Democratic Congressional majority in 2010. If an obese, abrasive, thrice-divorced former drug addict is the standard bearer for the party of “family values,” and if a second-stringer like our former governor who is falling all over himself to be its mouthpiece actually gets a job he seems to covet (aren't preachers supposed to shun covetousness?), there may be some hope that this happy occurrence will come about.

Mark W. Riley

De Queen


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