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Radiation Oncologist Dr. Kelly joins team at Mercy Cancer Center

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St. Joseph's Mercy Health Center

Radiation Oncologist Dr. Kelly joins team at Mercy Cancer Center

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – St. Joseph’s Mercy Health Center recently hosted an open house for Dr. Karie-Lynn Kelly at the Mercy Cancer Center.

Dr. Kelly, who has joined Dr. David E. Pruitt in his Hot Springs Radiation Oncology practice at the Mercy Cancer Center, comes to Hot Springs after completing a five-year radiation oncology residency at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in Calgary, Alberta (Canada).

“We are extremely excited to have Dr. Kelly on our team,” Dr. Pruitt said. “She is extremely intelligent and very personable. She gets along with everybody and is just a nice fit for us. It’s sometimes hard to believe the strides that are being made technologically in the field of radiation oncology, and because of the assistance of Dr. Kelly and the Mercy Cancer Center team, I look forward to helping many more cancer patients become survivors in the years to come.”

Dr. Kelly secured her doctor of medicine degree from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta. Prior to that, she earned a bachelor of science degree in biochemistry – with honors – from the University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta.

“We had heard a lot of great things about the states, so we decided we wanted to experience them and try them out,” Dr. Kelly said. “American medicine is very different from Canadian medicine, which is all public and government funded. My husband, David, is in business and he thought it would be great to come down here and experience free enterprise.

“We also wanted to move to a warmer climate, and because of the children, live in a smaller city. We both grew up in small cities, but in Canada all of the cancer centers are built in large metropolitan areas with a population of no less than one million. We love it here. It is so beautiful and the weather is great. This time of year in Calgary, it is minus-29 degrees (Celsius).”

Dr. Kelly and her husband, David, live in Hot Springs with their three children – six-year-old Darian, four-year-old James and four-month-old Danica.

“A number of things drew me into the field of medicine,” Dr. Kelly said. “It gives me the opportunity to both work with and help people. I had also had some experiences with family members having cancer, so I saw first hand what the physicians were able to do to help them. I thought to myself, if I want to help people, medicine would be a great profession to pursue.

“Radiation Oncology gives me the flexibility to combine clinical skills with research opportunities. There is so much going on in the field right now, with lots of new technologies surfacing and advancements being made in molecular oncology. We seem to be advancing by leaps and bounds every year and that makes radiation oncology a real exciting field to be in right now.”

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