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Pyschobilly Monday



8 p.m., Revolution. $13.

Here's a measure of success for a band in the wild and woolly aughts: How many fans have your band tattooed on them? Enough to warrant a thriving MySpace page just for its tatted fans, Tiger Army can boast. Having a menacing tiger-bat creature as your band insignia can't hurt, nor, I suppose can kicking out melodic pyschobilly for more than a decade. Born of the same Bay Area scene that birthed bands like Green Day and Rancid, Tiger Army comes to town supporting its latest release, “Music From Regions Beyond,” an album that finds the group branching beyond their pyschobilly roots. (By the by, for those not down with the new wave of pompadours and tricked-out hot rods, pyschobilly is a kind of punkafied rockabilly.) Expect stand-up bass and fast guitars, but also look out for some New Order-style synths and a touch of black metal here and there. It's an all-California night: Orange County new wave band the Dear and Departed opens with Long Beach hardcore group Revolution Mother.

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