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Preach it, Bro. Bumpers


Word filtered down to the Times about a recent speech Dale Bumpers delivered to about 300 people in Arkadelphia. Bumpers, who served 14 years in the U.S. Senate with Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry, testified to Kerry’s character and reportedly convinced the crowd to vote for the Massachusetts senator. What did Bumpers say that undecided voters elsewhere need to hear? “I talked about how he was a good friend, and a decent man with great principles and great values,” Bumpers said. “And I said that he would never mislead America.” Bumpers also took on the Bush administration. “I used the flip-flop idea for what they did with the invasion of Iraq,” Bumpers recalled. “First they said it was about weapons of mass destruction. Then they had to flip to talk about the Al Qaeda connection. When that flopped, they said, ‘Aren’t we safer with Saddam out?’ ” Bumpers also talked about the economy. “It took 200 years for our country to accrue the first trillion of debt,” Bumpers noted. “It took George W. Bush just four years to add another trillion.” Bumpers said many at the speech told him he’d put to rest their doubts about Kerry. Perhaps Kerry should put the Bumpers show on the road.

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