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Pizza with strings


Or 'Cello!', take your pick:

"Ms. Susan Smartlady turned her normal kitchen into a pizzeria! How? She brought home a fresh, hand-made, deluxe pizza from the Take & Bake Pizza Cafe; which she popped into her normal oven at 425 for 20 minutes and 'Viola!' Hot Pizza fresh out of her kitchen."

On the other hand, the copy writers may have been thinking about the town in Fulton County. It's gained considerable recognition as the home of the fried-okra pizza.

"In its first three days in release, 'The Avengers' sold $100 million, then $150 million, then $200 million at the box office, the fastest return ever. That's a gobsmacking feat, considering the average mope on the street, and even some blue-belt nerds, could not have accurately told you what the Avengers are, or which heroes, exactly, are among them."

Stephen Koch writes in response:

"The generally reliable Sam Eifling mentioned 'blue-belt nerds' in a recent film review in the Arkansas Times. Does he refer to a sartorial choice? A geographic region of nerddom? Or is it perhaps a knowledge/skill level as is used in martial arts?"

I relayed the question to the reliable Eifling. He responds:

"I was thinking of martial arts, trying to suggest a person who has some nerd bona-fides but who isn't a third-degree black-belt sensei of nerdiness. A dilettante with a nerd streak, in other words."

That's how I had it figured, or would have if I'd known what a sensei was. I've now learned from Wikipedia that sensei is a Japanese word for "master" or "teacher."

Continuing to mine this movie review for material, gobsmack may be unfamiliar to some cinema buffs. It's come into American usage from British slang only in recent years. I've seen it in print, never heard anybody say it.

If Sam Eifling continues in his constancy, he may come to be known as "Old Reliable," like Tommy Henrich, a Yankees outfielder of the 1940s. The Commercial Appeal newspaper in Memphis used to call itself "the Old Reliable," but I don't think anybody else did.

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