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Pellet sniper suspect


Pellet sniper suspect

Little Rock Police Department spokesman Lt. Terry Hastings confirms that an arrest warrant has been issued in the Parris Towers pellet gun shootings that have bedeviled neighbor David Jones, with a shooter taking potshots at Jones' dog, car and Jones himself from the tower all summer. Hastings said that George Allen, a former resident of the low-income housing tower at 18th and Broadway, became a suspect after a pellet rifle was found in his apartment as it was being cleaned out.

Allen, a 66-year-old Vietnam veteran, had lived in Parris Towers since 2005, but was ordered evicted Aug. 10 by Judge Chris Piazza after Little Rock Housing Authority employees testified that in June, Allen cursed Parris Towers manager Christy Walls, threatening to "f*** her to death" and telling her that if she called police she'd better "leave the state of Arkansas" after Allen became frustrated over paperwork related to his rent. Housing employees also testified that a few days before the hearing, during a routine pest inspection, maintenance personnel at Parris Towers found that Allen had shot up his wall and refrigerator with a pellet gun. Allen testified that he owned a pellet gun, but said it was at a friend's house in North Little Rock and that the walls and refrigerator were already damaged when he moved in.

A source familiar with the investigation said that Allen has yet to be formally charged because he is in the hospital with a head injury following a fall. Hastings said he will face felony criminal mischief charges due to the large amount of damage done to David Jones' car, a 1977 Ferrari, shot more than 130 times.

On the ropes

Last week, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting's Office of the Inspector General finally released a blistering audit of local public radio station KABF. It outlines many shortcomings and steps necessary for the station to continue to receive CPB funding.

The report found "material noncompliance with CPB requirements" including $49,957 in questionable expenses, lack of documentation supporting contributions, lack of discrete accounting and noncompliance with requirements for open meetings, open financial records and maintaining a community advisory board.

Some of these issues were brought to the attention of the board of directors Aug. 3 by board member Jay Jansen. He says a lot of the issues have been known for some time, but little corrective action has been taken.

At KABF's last board meeting, Aug. 17, station manager Willie Cosme said there were enough funds to keep operations going in the short term, but that his hours, and those of one other employee, would be reduced by half to cut costs. He couldn't be reached at press time.

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