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Passive resistance not the path

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Passive resistance not the path

Thank you for the column "Beebe's place in History" by Ginna Wallace (July 6). As a 48-year-old gay man, I have been called a faggot, been beaten up, been told that the way I feel is not only not normal, it is evil. I was at Gov. Beebe's "chat" with the Stonewall Democrats last week and to say that I was appalled would truly be an understatement.

When the governor stood there in front of almost 200 GLBT people, friends and family, I wanted to stand and up say, "Governor, just because society tells us something, does NOT make it right."

I used to agree with the governor that passive resistance is the way to go. To be under that radar was the best for everyone. That is no longer my thought. If GLBT people do not stand for their rights who will stand for them? The governor who was elected to lead this state? I think not.

Michael Monnikendam (from the web)

Little Rock

On Ellen's death

About a month ago I wrote to this paper calling on the Little Rock Zoo to retire Ellen to a sanctuary, where she could live out her remaining years in peace and comfort. Now, it's too late: Ellen is dead.

It is unheard of for a zoo to shut down when an animal dies, even an elephant. Why did the zoo rush to bury Ellen's body in a secret location? Despite the zoo's claims that they did so to prevent someone from stealing Ellen's tusks, female Asian elephants like Ellen do not have tusks. What is the Little Rock Zoo trying to hide?

Ellen had recently been joined by two elephants, Zina and Jewell, from the Ringling Bros. Circus who had both suffered a lifetime of abuse, including routine beatings with bullhooks — heavy batons with a sharp steel hook at the end — and being chained, sometimes for days on end.

Elephants who have suffered physical punishment, deprivation and routine negative reinforcement like the elephants used by the Ringling Bros. Circus are more likely to be aggressive. Zina has a history of aggression and zoo officials expressed concerns about integrating Zina and Ellen. It is merely a coincidence that Zina arrives, Ellen dies?

At the very least, the zoo owes it to Ellen to conduct a necropsy to find out what really ended the life of this magnificent animal. Rest in peace, Ellen.

Jennifer O'Connor

Staff writer, PETA Foundation

Norfolk, Va.

Still getting the cemetery votes

Thanks for publishing the excerpt from Justice Tom Glaze's book. It was a great read and I can add a couple things to it.

I lived in Malvern, Hot Spring County, in the 1960s and a friend worked at the Trailways Bus Station. She said before each election a package would come in from Little Rock to the same man. It was an open secret that it was voter money and he was the "banker."

We are still getting tombstone votes. I know this because Bro-Guv Huck said so on national TV, and you know an ex-preacher wouldn't lie.

George Gatliff

Little Rock

A tow holiday?

While walking back to my car from the fireworks last night I noticed a team of wrecker trucks in the AWCC private car park at Broadway and Fourth Streets, rushing to remove as many parked cars as they could before their owners returned. While it is in the property owner's right to enforce their parking rules, what sort of pathetic loser is so greedy or hard up for cash as to extort impoundment fees from families going to see the fireworks? It is hard enough persuading people to visit downtown as it is. I saw families with young kids getting out of those cars on the way down, heaven knows what time they got home.

The car park appears to belong to Cypress Properties, 2200 N. Rodney Parham, according to the phone number on the car park sign. Well maybe the folks at Cypress Properties should show a little more self-respect next year. If they fear the good folk of Little Rock will soil their tarmac they should put up a barrier, and if business is so bad they need the cash they should get it by the honest way as practiced by those who live near the Fairgrounds or War Memorial. You get a lawn chair and a flashlight and charge $10 a car. After all, isn't this the type of greed and vindictiveness we are celebrating winning our independence from on the 4th of July?

J. Leakey

Little Rock

The GOP and the facts

Republican hopefuls for the U.S. president have already kicked off their campaign against President Obama with a unified message that says, "Look at this mess we made while George W. Bush was president. And Barack Obama hasn't cleaned up yet!?"

Why do we put up with these Republican clowns?

Of course Red State Arkansans can get behind this Republican campaign as long as such loyal Republican Arkansans avoid these truths:

1. There is no republic. The last republic in the U.S. was Texas. Sam Houston was its president. It lasted only nine years. The U.S. is a union of federated states. The central federal government is controlled by the democratic will of the masses, making the U.S. a democratic federation. The "Republic" is a bad pipe dream.

2. The only Republican U.S. president to balance his budget was Eisenhower. All Republican presidents in the last half century have set record budget deficits. This is a sad fact.

3. President Clinton balanced his budget. This is a sad fact.

4. Republicans actually love socialized health insurance. President Nixon was the architect, and Mitt Romney was the pioneer father of modern socialized health insurance in the U.S. "Romney-care" is one of the most brilliant programs in world history.

5. If re-elected, President Obama will probably balance his budget.

Isn't it amazing how Arkansans have turned Republican lately? Everybody loves a clown.

Gene Mason


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