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On the transgender crisis


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In response to the May 11 cover story, "The real transgender crisis in Arkansas: health care," on the gender clinic at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences:

This is an excellent article. I find it ironic that the UAMS offers this but University of Arkansas insurance does not cover any form of gender dysphoria.

Teri Dawn Wright

I do not have an original birth certificate. I was adopted 47 years ago from South Korea. I was found and put in an orphanage. This is typical of most people adopted around that time. If I were trans, then I would have been figuratively screwed up the butt by the conservatives in our legislature.


In reponse to the May 11 reporter, "The biking news," about a grant to design a bike trail from Little Rock to Hot Springs:

This is an exciting project for cyclists. I would also like to see a study on the feasibility of a commuting bike path along I-630. There are already pieces, i.e., a path from John Barrow Road to Rodney Parham and a path in the median of Chenal. If we want to encourage bike commuting, this would be a more convenient (although less scenic) route than the River Trail and more accessible to biking from home for many in West Little Rock.

Tomato Dave

In response to the Arkansas Blog posting of the video of a man in a "Make America Great Again" cap raising hell on a United Flight from Shanghai and getting booted off the plane:

If you ever doubt that President Trump's rhetoric and the whole MAGA mystique is about anything other than ensuring that white males maintain their supremacy, all you have to do is watch this video.


I am ENTITLED to that seat. 

Unfortunately there are way too many people in this country — Arkansas has more than its fair share — who will defend this asshat's entitlement.


In response to Arkansas Blog posts on President Trump's proposed budget cuts of $1.7 trillion that would reduce food stamps, health care accessibility, Social Security disability benefits and more:

Well, when Arkansas Trumpers turn into whiny little bitches because Trump's budget and other bad stuff are hurting their families, MAYBE THEY'LL WAKE the FU!!

They are 100 percent not changing their view that Trump the faux billionaire cares for them. Why, every deal he's made is for them ... unless you read 5 minutes and find out Trump's deals are for himself and the rest of the super 1 percent. If Trump stays in the White House/Mar-a-lago for two more weeks or two more years, three-fourths of his time will be spent enriching his family and that other fourth will go to enriching fellow 1 percenters. Do the math: none for us.

No time will be spent on the rest of us no matter how we voted or how red our state is. He's not in office to work for the 99 percent, just to feed 'em bullshit at an amazing rate and giggle when he sees they're taking the bait. It's sad, not Trump sad, but the real sad, hard sad, human sad ahead of us. 


Hey MAGA-hatters, Drumpf's proposed budget will:

Gut your health-care, MAGA-hatter: Seth Rich!

Impose deep cuts on Medicare, MAGA-hatter: Clinton Foundation!

Allow states to limit Medicaid enrollment, MAGA-hatter: Private email server!

Cut food stamps to over 40 million people, MAGA-hatter: Sandy Hook fake!

Cut meals on wheels for impoverished, shut-in elderly: Birth certificate!

Roll-back student loan protections, MAGA-hatter: CNN fake news!

Slash public health funding and infectious disease research, MAGA-hatter: Gun grabbers!

Boost an already bloated "defense" budget, MAGA-hatter: Mur-ica First!


The sky is falling, the sky is falling.

When are y'all going to start dealing in fact? Not false news. Not maybe. Solid verifiable facts.

What bullshit.


Keep lying to us, Razor. It helps us verify where you keep your head and it helps us understand the denier's mindset. Even a bad example serves as a lesson to us all. And, by the way, do you need an extra jar of Vaseline?

Jake da Snake

In response to an Arkansas Blog post about Sen. Tom Cotton's appearances in Iowa and his denial he's not running for president in 2020:

It is grounds for despair among thinking folks that someone like Cotton can be taken seriously as a potential presidential candidate, three years out. Of course, if he's running now, that means he doesn't think that he'll be running against Trump or Pence. 

The real grounds for despair are not Cotton, nor Trump, nor Pence, but that a substantial plurality of the American electorate still approve of them. We don't need a voter ID law, we need a voter IQ law.

It is now time for my only religious ritual, thanking whatever gods that be for the invention of Scotch.


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