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On the Neighborhoods issue


On the Neighborhoods issue

A sincere thank you for the excellent issue " 'Hood Sweet 'Hood" (Dec. 28). The articles were so descriptive and interesting to read about all the neighborhoods of Little Rock and North Little Rock.

My husband and I have lived in Little Rock for 25 years.

We have seen most of the areas described in the articles. Now I want to travel all over the areas to see the new and old again. The diversity of the whole area is a credit to our forefathers and developers of this capital city and its neighbor across the river.

Good wishes to you and the staff as we look forward to 2012 with its promise of more great gains in all aspects of living here.

Anita Gatzke

Little Rock

Having grown up in Southwest Little Rock, graduated Central High, gone to college in midtown, lived in Hillcrest, Pleasant Valley, West Little Rock and now in Argenta, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your editorials on the various neighborhoods of Little Rock.  It was fascinating to read how much has changed over the years. One thing has stayed the same however; Little Rock is still one of the friendliest towns in the country.

Larry Pennington

North Little Rock

Excellent work on "'Hood Sweet 'Hood." This issue is going in my car so I can refer to it on days when I want to veer off my beaten paths and just look. It brought back some forgotten memories and also told me I didn't know as much about my hometown as I thought.

Glenda Eddins

Little Rock

No help for Koufax

I have grown weary of athletes thanking the Lord for their success as if Jesus was watching and taking a personal interest in the outcome of the contest. Jesus may well be a sports fan but I couldn't help but notice that he always took the day off when Koufax pitched. Can't blame him much. A lot of guys sat out when Koufax pitched.

David Rose

Hot Springs

From the web

On the Arkansas Blog's report that ranked Little Rock the nation's 11th gayest city:

Obviously, the ranking was a complete blip and someone needs to be fired.

We don't even have a gay pride parade for goodness sake.

Last I hear, UBU was closed and Backstreet is considering closing.

I guess it's nice we have gay-friendly churches BUT a lot of the LGBT community doesn't feel welcome in churches AND where are these churches when bigoted legislation is coming through the legislative pipeline?

I wouldn't advise any LGBT person to move to Arkansas.

Look at the anti-discrimination laws that protect LGBT people. Oh yeah, that's right, LGBT people are not protected under state law. It's perfectly legal to be fired because you're gay or transgender, it's perfectly legal for a landlord not to rent to you because you're gay or transgender, etc.


On the Dec. 7 article on trouble at Arkansas Baptist College's off-campus housing at the Avondale Apartments:

Crime is a horrendous problem in that area. I live in the Sturbridge neighborhood, am a law-abiding citizen of Little Rock, and fear for my safety and my home security (despite personal efforts to deter a home invasion or burglary). The number of incidents reported this year at Avondale in comparison with 2010 is staggering and makes me even more uncomfortable than I already am. Unbelievable. How sad it is for those students who attend such an irresponsible institution.

I occasionally see a policeman on Reservoir in the mornings "radaring" for speeding. ... Dear LRPD: You're clearly missing the actual problem in that area. For the safety and well-being of residents and students living in the area, get with the program.


On the Dec. 28 article about the Park Hill neighborhood:

I lived in Little Rock, just south of Hillcrest, then moved to a brand new house in Maumelle, then to Park Hill nine years ago. Park Hill is my favorite neighborhood so far. The drive to Little Rock is so much nicer without the sun in my face every morning and evening. I love the trees, the charm and the diversity of the types of homes in Park Hill. The neighbors are nice and everything I need is nearby. I love my 1923 home so much more than I did the uncozy brand-new house in Maumelle. When my son was ready to move out, he bought a fixer-upper just around the corner, because he didn't want to leave Park Hill. I'm getting married next year, and we are staying here. We will either keep my house or buy a bigger one in the same area. I refuse to leave Park Hill. I just love it so much.


On the Dec. 21 article on the controversy over the management of the Carroll County Electric Cooperative:

Thanks so much for reporting on this. At a time when people around the world are demanding more transparency and democratic rights, Carroll Electric is actively working against allowing its own members greater participation in the cooperative. To think that our tax dollars and utility payments are subsidizing such arrogance from the 1%-ers is disgusting.


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