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On 'Race to Kill'


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In response to Ernest Dumas' April 6 column, "Race to Kill":

I have to wonder if Mr. Dumas is opposed to the death sentences handed down at Nuremberg and Tokyo after WWII.


Unfortunately our society works off of a reactive instead of a proactive way. Providing society with an appropriate education, medical/mental health care, health equity (environment) and livable wages significantly impacts criminality.


Killing people doesn't stop people from killing people.


I'm still not seeing that modicum of dignity [Governor Hutchinson] supposedly exhibits. And Leslie [Rutledge], forget about dignity altogether.


In response to an April 11 Arkansas Blog post, "Congressman Womack gets earful at town hall":

"I'm with Trump" shows that Womack is another right-winger who puts party ahead of the voters. "We have to cut somewhere" might start with a bloated military budget, which their OWN consultants said wasted $125 billion a year so the report was dumped. 

A wall may end up being THE infrastructure bill, a totally useless monument to the idiot class. 

And we can save millions by telling Trump to pick just one extra residence and no security for any others or for his useless kids. He supposedly has money; let the kids pay Blackwater for their own security.

couldn't be better

"I'm with Trump," Womack said.

Well of course he is. The DoD is a budgetary black hole, they can stage a 60 cruise missile (at $1.5 mil a pop) fireworks display for Drumpf to use to threaten China over North Korea while Xi is eating dinner at Mar-A-Grifto, but there's no money for health care.


Hill's constituency includes many more delusional D-Rats who still haven't come to terms with America's decision that Donald J. Trump is our president. Why subject yourself to the rants and raves of these irrational partisans?


Donald Trump isn't yours or my president. Donald Trump is president. His ego won't let him stray from decades of narcissism. Donald loves Donald; he's the bigly, magnificent one who is the only one capable of solving all of America's problems. Donald will bring back jobs, health care for all, cheaper and much better. Building the wall will show 'em south of the border and will kick off a massive infrastructure program and pump $54 billion into the military. Of course, as his travel expenses grow exponentially, there might not be enough money left.

See how wonderful his eminence Donald Trump is. He will lift the financial burdens from this country and just spend the money himself.


In response to an April 10 Arkansas Blog post, "More headlines for Arkansas: John Grisham raps executions in USA Today":

There is a multiunit scaffold at the Fort Smith museum that could be used for eight by adding two ropes. We could call it a re-enactment of Judge Parker's court, with a picnic lunch and a good time had by all. It might be promoted as part of the marshal's museum. We need to anticipate problems and have alternate sources to solve pressing problems. I would think that 20 years can be classified as pressing. Old ways are sometime good ways.

Going for the record

The only way justice would lose is if any of them are not guilty of the crimes. That is my only concern, and should be the only concern. If there is a chance they are not guilty, then wait. But if they are guilty, then let justice rule, and execute them. 

Otherwise, there haven't been any botched executions. So far, all executed have died, so nothing was botched.

Steven E

My God, Steven E, what a shallow and ignorant understanding of justice. Are you for real, or just some anonymous and idiotic provocateur? It's not just whether they die, but whether it is performed in a constitutionally humane way. And how arrogant of you to think your simple-minded eye-for-an-eye definition of justice is adequate.


I know for some of you, justice would be achieved by getting rid of the death penalty entirely. From that point, there would be no method of execution that would meet the standard. 

That lethal injection is the most humane way, so far, in executing a person is without doubt. That it is imperfect is also not in doubt. I don't hold to an eye for an eye, either. There are, though, some people that can never, ever, be allowed into civilized society. They will hurt and kill and there are only two alternatives, neither of them humane. Life in a cage, or death.

You seek perfection, I seek that which is practical.

Steven E

According to a poll, the majority of Arkansans approve of carrying out the sentences. We don't need outsiders telling us how to conduct our affairs. Then again, that is the Dumbocrat way, government overreach into state's rights. Enough with beating the drums. If you feel strongly about it, go stand in a cornfield outside the prison with a sign. If you can't do the time, then don't do the crime.


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