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Olson killing needs attention


Olson killing needs attention

I read the recent article ("The brutal randomness ... ," Feb. 27) about Samantha Olson's apparently random shooting in North Little Rock. Myself and several of my neighbors and friends are chagrined that no reportable progress has been made related to this horrible case

Two questions that occur to me are: 1. Has the North Little Rock police reached out to other law enforcement agencies for help (i.e. Arkansas Criminal Investigative Division or even the FBI)? 2. Can the NLR police department use any volunteers to help search DMV records or in any other capacity to help solve this case.?

This case doesn't seem to be getting the publicity that it deserves and should be kept in the public eye until solved.

It's too bad that it can't be aired on a nationwide program such as America's Most Wanted used to be.

It's hard to believe that progress can't be made given the picture and the description of the truck with those wheel covers and the description of the toolbox in the back.

Please keep reporting the progress of this case.

Paul Harper


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Also in response to "The brutal randomness of Samantha Olson's murder":

I still think someone that works at that Walgreens knows something. The front door of the Walgreens on the corner of McCain and JFK was in the direct line of fire. She may have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time for a random drive-by shooting. Did they even question any employees there? That Walgreens parking lot gets kinda rough at night even for that location so I shop at the one by North Hills instead.


In response to "Spreading Jo Jo's Love," March 6 issue:

Best server in Little Rock and probably one of the best in the world!

Jason Panama Young

JoJo is amazing. I have know her most of my drinking years and make special stops where she works to see her. She's a huge win for Cache.


Joann is great, we missed her the last couple of times at the Capital Bar & Grill. Now we have a reason to check out Cache!


In response to the March 8 Arkansas Blog post "Arkansas is 'Ready for Hillary' ":

I ran into a friend last night at the bar who was among the handful of nobodies who joined with Bill (before Hillary) when he ran his first race in 1974. He had already told me what a rag-tag poverty-stricken campaign that was with Bill Clinton spending many a night sleeping on my friend's couch.

My friend spent a couple of thousand of his own he really couldn't afford to spend, buying gas, buying food, paying for newspaper ads and printing bills. And of course Clinton was smothered on Election Day by the 3rd district's version of Ronnie Reagan, John Paul Hammerschmidt.

But after my friend left last night I thought of something I should have said to him and I will the next time I see him. .... If it wasn't for him and the rest of the nobodies, now mostly dead, the world wouldn't know the most famous political couple in U.S. history, they wouldn't know the most popular American on the planet today, we wouldn't have had eight years of peace and prosperity from 1993 to 2001 and the next glass ceiling wouldn't be set to be shattered when Hillary wins big in November 2016. All that's quite an accomplishment for a bunch of old people now in their 70s-80s or in the cemetery who named themselves the Arkansas Travelers 40 years ago. The next President Clinton will only put more feathers in their caps!


In response to a March 6 article about a Van Buren organization working to legalize marijuana:

Thank you for your efforts. I'm stage 1 breast cancer going through chemo and soon radiation, mmj would sure help out with a lot of the side effects right now.

Merinda Knight

In response to a Feb. 13 article about train transport of crude oil through Arkansas and the risks:

I've noticed lots of trains transporting oil through Little Rock and NLR lately. It makes me feel uneasy. And of course we all depend on lots of oil. But I do worry that the regulations are all pro-business. Yes, the costs to step up safety are really high and it would be bad for business.  But it is not a free market if safety is not paid for. If something happens, the company just goes bankrupt like at the chemical spill in West Virginia. And we all pay the bill.

To turn a blind eye to safety is a big subsidy for oil and prices alternative energy out of the market. ... Oh yes, and it's dangerous.  It looks like the AAR and the NTSB know what they are talking about. But the industry is lobbying against the costs. Tackling the issue ASAP and giving the industry time to implement higher safety standards sounds like the way to go to me.

Carsten Platz

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