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Off-week bullet points


Once again, Tim Tebow is primed to snatch the Heisman Trophy from the grasp of the front-runner. Graham Harrell needs to stay perfect to survive the onslaught.

• Despite Tebow's stats being down this season, despite a loss to Ole Miss, despite being only the third or fourth best player on his own team, the media love affair lives on.

• Florida is clearly the most talent-laden team in the country, but do they have the focus to pull through and win it all? We're lucky to get a chance to see them take on a determined Alabama in the SEC championship game. If the Gators falter and the Crimson Tide goes to the title game, I expect them to lose to one of the powerful Big 12 contenders. But if the Gators can play their game for the rest of the season, nobody's going to come close. 

• The Big 12 might have all the great quarterbacks this season, but the SEC has Alabama's Julio Jones and Florida's Percy Harvin. Who's the more exciting player? Harvin can do anything, and Jones is only a freshman. Both are friggin' beasts!

• God bless Les Miles. As long as he's there to foul things up, LSU will never see the powerhouse it could be.

• I just like the way “No-show” Moreno sounds. Could we make that a thing?

• Vandy is favored over Tennessee this Saturday. Tusk sprouted wings over the weekend.

• With an offensive coordinator who plays as fast and loose as Gus Malzahn, Tulsa's bound to have an off-week or two — which is why any school with an open position ought to keep an eye on what happens to Todd Graham's Golden Hurricanes when Malzahn can only manage to put thirty on the board.

• Obama needs to examine the career of former U of A Chancellor John White and butt out of all things athletic. His outline for a playoff system makes a certain amount of sense, but he's got better things to do, and nothing turns to mire quicker than sports administration.

• Peyton Hillis had the game of his career so far on Sunday night, pulling duty as the go-to running back for the Broncos. One reception on the sideline gave him a chance to display Crabtree-like athleticism, tip-toeing along the chalk for a few extra yards and a pivotal first down. A lot of NFL scouts are going to be a little reticent to listen to what Houston Nutt has to say after his whisper/smear campaign last season focused not on Hillis' manifold abilities but on his locker room presence. Denver thanks him kindly.

• Congrats to junior forward Michael Washington, who garnered SEC player of the week honors for his performance last Friday night. Washington scored thirty and led the Hogs to an inspiring comeback victory over Southeastern Louisiana. That's right, I said “comeback victory over Southeastern Louisiana.” Revolutions take time.

• Jermain Taylor recorded an impressive win Friday night against a strong opponent. Because I know more about weather patterns in southeast Asia than I do about boxing, I let my friend John Riley file a couple posts on my blog leading up to the fight.  Log on to http://www.arktimes.com/blogs/sooie/ to check out his recap. His prediction of Taylor's next opponent? “[H]is next fight should be with Sakio Bika, the most recent champion of the Contender reality/boxing TV series, who also happens to be campaigning at 168 lbs. Trust me, it would be a classic.”

• Mississippi State is a poor team. Their offense would have trouble scoring against your average high school squad. But they're still Division I athletes, and quarterback Tyson Lee gets better each week. We should have no trouble scoring against a defense that has been decimated by injuries, but let's not count our chickens just yet.


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