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OCT. 28 – NOV. 3, 2009



OCT. 28 – NOV. 3, 2009

It was a GOOD week for …


FLU SHOTS. Mass influenza-vaccination clinics operated by the state Health Department opened around Arkansas. Vaccinations for both seasonal flu and — in smaller numbers — swine flu (H1N1) were given to thousands of Arkansans.


POWERBALL. The first Arkansas tickets were sold, amid huge public interest, at 10:15 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 31. No Arkansas jackpot winners as of press time.


ARKIES ON THE MOUND. Both A.J. Burnett of the Yankees and Cliff Lee of the Phillies won games in the World Series.


CAPITAL PUNISHMENT. The Arkansas Supreme Court ruled that a new state law had dissolved an inmate's legal challenge of state execution procedures.


COURT WATCHERS. Perhaps the most-publicized murder trial in Arkansas history began at the Pulaski County Courthouse. Curtis Lavelle Vance was charged with the murder of Little Rock TV news anchor Anne Pressly.


BEING ON THE PULASKI COUNTY PAYROLL. The Quorum Court voted to give a 4 percent one-time bonus to county employees and elected officials, including Quorum Court members.


UAMS. Its new chancellor, Dr. Daniel Rahn, arrived on campus.


It was a bad week for …


WEATHER. Rain and wind battered the state again, killing at least four people, in the wettest October in Arkansas history. But skies had cleared by the weekend.


SEX OFFENDERS. Registered sex offenders in Little Rock and other cities were ordered to spend Halloween in counseling or with probation or parole officers.


LINGERIE SMUGGLERS. A man who tried to take a shirt-full of stolen lingerie out of a Cupids store was captured and bitten by a police dog.


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