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Oct. 22-28, 2008



Oct. 22-28, 2008

It was a GOOD week for …


DAYDREAMING. Barack Obama led most presidential polls and signs also pointed to Democrats taking a majority of the Senate.


CHILDREN. The Arkansas Poll by the University of Arkansas said Arkansans were inclined 55-38 to vote AGAINST INITIATED ACT 1, which would prohibit adoption and foster parenting by unmarried couples. The kids need more potential homes, not fewer.


BILL CLINTON. The former president flew around Arkansas to rally Democrats for Barack Obama, who trailed John McCain by double digits among Arkansas voters. Clinton also added his voice AGAINST ACT 1.


JOBS. A maker of wind turbines announced that it had picked Jonesboro for a new plant that will employ 700.


PAUL DOANE. The director of the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System, under fire for travel expenses, recognized the inevitable. Lacking support in the legislature, he resigned. Robin Nichols of Jonesboro, a trustee of the System, should follow him. She raised doubts about her own fitness by defending her own extensive travel and Doane's and, unbelievably, admitted that she chose investment counselors in part based on the clothing worn in their offices.


It was a BAD week for …


The UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL ARKANSAS. Two students were slain in a campus shooting Sunday night. Suspects were arrested in the shooting, which apparently grew from a dispute earlier in the weekend.


DWAYNE DOBBINS. The former North Little Rock legislator lost his lawsuit to get a seat on the Nov. 4 election ballot. The Democratic Party had refused to certify him because he'd given up the seat earlier as a plea bargain of a sexual harassment charge.




KATV morning anchor Anne Pressly died of injuries suffered in a beating by an intruder in her Club Road home. She never regained consciousness. Police have been silent about progress toward identifying a suspect, but sources indicate DNA evidence might help solve the crime.

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