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Obama is Bush squared


Obama is Bush squared

Is it a prerequisite to writing for your publication that the writer must be a hack for the Democratic Party, wholly convinced of the righteousness of Barack Obama (no matter how many scandals and lies he's embroiled in) and completely unable to discern the most obvious fact of government in the USA: that the two-party system is a farce which plays both ends against the middle, shreds the Constitution with impunity and lies to the people they are supposed to serve at every turn?

The level of political homerism for the radical left (which is currently dressed up as moderate) is sickening. Truth is, Obama is a horrible president, in terms of civil liberties he has become G.W. Bush squared, and the GOP is a neocon joke that serves only as the foil needed to preserve the illusion of choice at election time.

It is pretty disappointing to see people who are purportedly journalists still hacking away slobbering with their unrequited love for a president who has proven that he is not at all above silencing dissent in the press.

Journalism is supposed to hold politicians of all stripes accountable. The theme that is being pushed in your publication does not appear to live up to that standard any moreso than does Fox News or MSNBC.

As a former resident who is proud to be from Arkansas this is disappointing to me.

Kelcy Salisbury


Arming teachers bad idea

I think it is not only wrong but dangerous and overly expensive for the Clarksville (Arkansas) School District to train and arm 20 of its teachers and other staff to carry concealed weapons.

Though mass shootings at schools generate a lot of headlines, their occurrences are rather rare.

With teachers possessing firearms, there is a much greater chance of a student or staff member being accidentally shot than shot by an intruder.  Since teachers are not skilled and experienced shooters like police officers are, they are more likely to be poor shooters or be gun happy and shoot when they shouldn't, which minimizes their effectiveness.

This also may encourage unstable students to try to take a gun away from the teacher, knowing that he has one, to use on others.  There is also the danger that an unstable teacher may go ballistic and shoot at other teachers or students.

Also, a single revolver won't stand a chance against an intruder with a high-powered semi-automatic weapon.

Having more guns to try to solve gun violence only makes it worse.  

Kenneth L. Zimmerman

Huntington Beach, Calif.

Biker responds

In response to William G. Carlyle's July 25 letter to the Arkansas Times:

I am a cyclist. I lower healthcare costs for all. I am one more empty parking space. I am additional eyes on the street. I am a local business supporter. I am a worker. I am a teacher. I am a learner. I am a customer. I am a friend. I am a neighbor. I am a property owner. I am a more efficient user of public infrastructure. I am a believer in freedom, including freedom for people to choose how to travel instead of being forced to use a car. I am a voter. I am a husband, son, brother, uncle, nephew, grandchild. I am a taxpayer. Other people like me are doctors, loan officers, air conditioner repairmen, cooks, traffic engineers, Blackhawk helicopter pilots, preachers, farmers, stoplight technicians, gardeners, Sunday school teachers, electric grid operators, volunteers, beer brewers, etc. We are not a "plague"; we are not "selfish fools"; we are not a "menace." We are exactly like you, except we just choose to ride a bike sometimes. I suggest you do the same.

Tim McKuin

Little Rock

ALEC owns Republicans

I find it reprehensible that the Arkansas state legislature has seen fit to cancel business as usual from Aug. 6 to Aug. 8 so that its Republican legislators can wine and dine in high fashion and expense-free in Chicago at the behest of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), all while receiving their next round of marching orders from national and multi-national corporations. These bill models are then foisted upon the Arkansas people as original grassroots efforts when in reality they are anything but.

Wake up, Arkansas! Your elected representatives now owe their allegiance and their political future to their corporate overlords, not to you. The Arkansas legislature has been sold out to the highest bidders.

Brad Bailey


From the web

In response to an Arkansas Blog post about political advertising by Sen. Mark Pryor about Rep. Tom Cotton:

Tom Cotton has shown his true colors. He would be a terrible senator. Say what you will about Senator Pryor, but he is an honest man who has never been enthralled by Washington financiers or politicos. Perhaps you don't agree with him 100 percent of the time, but he has always voted with Arkansans and their interests in mind. I do not believe anyone could say the same for Representative Cotton and keep a straight face.

Alexander Jones

In response to an Arkansas Blog post on the Museum of Discovery's decision to pull out of the Fab Lab in North Little Rock after Mayor Mark Stodola objected:

LR is still sore about losing its minor league baseball team and entertainment venue to the north side of the river. Not that I am comparing the two cities as one is 3X as large as the other. Little Rock city government blows ass and always has. If Stodes had any balls, he would eminent domain the land behind Dillard's or in front of Stephens High School to complete the loop for the river trail. But that is another subject for another time. Nice way to threaten an awesome resource to the public with funding should it decide to open a room of some kind in downtown NLR.

Arkansas Panic Fan

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