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OA guessing game


In the wake of the Oxford American magazine board firing founding editor Marc Smirnoff, who launched the magazine in 1992, and longtime magazine editor Carol Ann Fitzgerald, the media world wants to know two things: What happened? And who will take Smirnoff's place?

We may not know the former any time soon. Smirnoff told the Times that he wasn't told what specific allegations were lodged against him, but did say he was questioned by lawyers represented by the board about serving alcohol to minors in the OA's employ, which he admitted to. He wouldn't comment on other questions, saying he and Fitzgerald are in the process of hiring lawyers to fight their dismissal. Publisher Warwick Sabin, who is serving as interim editor, wouldn't elaborate except to say that the board "engaged professional legal counsel to conduct a thorough and fair investigation."

If Smirnoff's legal challenge isn't successful, Sabin will likely be looking for a replacement editor in the near future. Below, we speculate wildly about potential candidates.

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