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Nov. 25-Dec. 1, 2009



Nov. 25-Dec. 1, 2009

It was a GOOD week for …


PULASKI COUNTY EMPLOYEES. They'll get a 4 percent pay raise next year, on top of a recent 4 percent bonus, on top of fully paid health insurance while other local government employees face layoffs, cuts in hours, pay freezes and uncertainty. Some day, the county might even get around to running enough jail beds. The Quorum Court, which voted the raises, is naturally among the beneficiaries.


RETIREMENT. Word leaked out of Correction Department Director Larry Norris' coming retirement after 16 years at the head of a tough agency to manage. He says he's ready to spend some time with grandkids.


SUSPENSION. The Arkansas Supreme Court made official the unpaid suspension of Circuit Judge L.T. Simes for violation of judicial ethics rules in practicing law while on the bench. He can't practice law in the interim. At least in theory.


It was a bad week for …


MIKE HUCKABEE. Another one of his poorly considered clemency decisions came back to haunt him. Maurice Clemmons, made parole eligible by Huckabee during a 108-year sentence, was slain by Seattle cops hunting him as the suspect in the slaying of four police officers.


UAMS. Arkansas Business reported that the big medical campus continues to operate in the red and new Chancellor Daniel Rahn plans a round of cost-cutting initiatives to balance the books.


The RAZORBACKS. They put up a valiant fight at LSU, but lost by an overtime field goal a football game that could have propelled Bobby Petrino's rebuilding team to a major bowl.


The ROCK ISLAND BRIDGE CONVERSION. More questions than answers remain on the state of the pedestrian link to the Clinton Library. Has North Little Rock Mayor Pat Hays promised some of his strapped city's money to the project? Why can't the city of Little Rock produce plans for the bridge that it says were sent to the Corps of Engineers for a construction permit? Why is this project treated like a state secret when reporters call?


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