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‘1964 … THE TRIBUTE'

8 p.m., Robinson Center Music Hall. $27-$42.


Complete with signature bowl cuts and matching suits, “1964 . . . The Tribute” returns to Little Rock for another highly anticipated show, with replica instruments, stage arrangements and a set list packed with hits from the Beatles' catalogue. The tribute act is known far and wide for its portrayal of the Fab Four, and its mission, simply put, is to recreate the Beatles' invasion of America. According to Lennon alter ego Mark Benson, the concept is to perform a show “that gives you an idea of what it was like to see the Beatles when they were touring.” In fact, only two distinguishing features of the show differ from what fans experienced during the band's heyday: sound quality and set length. “1964” (along with any other band that suffered from audience overload) has a sound system strong enough to compete with the ear-splitting shrieks that plagued the Beatles' live performances for both members and fans alike. They also perform two 45-minute sets instead of two half-hour sets. In theory, concertgoers get more bang for the buck than they would have 44 years ago. The band has earned the working title as “The Best Beatles Tribute on Earth” from Rolling Stone magazine. Also, George Harrison's sister, Louise, was apparently so moved after experiencing a “1964” show that she held a party at her home in their honor.

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